Rate Your Commitment to Weight Loss

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For some of us, visualizing a goal is easy. For others, goal setting comes more naturally. Thomas Edison visualized the light bulb long before he succeeded in its invention.

Visualizing and goal setting are important steps to success, especially when it comes to weight loss. Preparing for a journey that lasts a lifetime also helps keep everything in perspective. Using available tools, reading articles, and connecting with others for support, keeps us going when we want to give up. Even with all this, the journey is still long, hard, and frustrating.

Sometimes all the resources and accountability in the world can't make up for one of the most important keys to success – commitment to your weight loss and health goals. You can have the vision, a plan, resource tools, and support but without heart-felt commitment to ignite the passion to go the distance, success may be fleeting.

Here is a scale to help you rate your commitment to reaching your weight loss and health goals.

  • Not Very Committed - You acknowledge the importance of eating right and exercising. You have joined fitness centers or purchased workout equipment but they never seem to get used. You have been known to purchase great looking workout clothes but many of them still contain the tags. You have the best intentions to make changes but something always seems to get in the way. You have tried many diets. Unfortunately, you quickly give them up in favor of your favorite restaurant foods or parties with friends.
  • Somewhat Committed - You have been told you need to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and you believe it is important. You want to make the changes but making time in your schedule with work, family, and friends proves difficult. You use your gym membership or home equipment and follow your "diet" every couple of weeks but quickly fall out of a routine. Your intentions are good but as the old saying goes, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
  • Very Committed - You are learning to make changes and are determined to see this new lifestyle change through. Although there are a variety of things in your diet that still need attention, you are making progress with small, sustained changes. You are willing to continuously learn new habits and seek information and motivational help. You are learning what foods are best for your lifestyle and have found ways to get exercise that you enjoy. Frustration at the slow pace sets in from time to time and makes you want to give up but you quickly get back on track with the encouragement of others. Finding the balance with work, family, and personal time is always a battle but you are learning to make it all fit to reach your goals. While you have significantly reduced your visits to restaurants and use of convenience foods, you are still learning to embrace the social implications. You believe slow and steady will win the race and accept that you can't be perfect but work to do the best you can each day.
  • Passionately Committed - You fully embrace the principles of your new lifestyle and have fully incorporated them into your day to day life. Visits to restaurants are very limited and so are convenience foods in the pantry. Nutrient rich meals and meaningful time with family and friends have taken their place. Exercise is enjoyable and you now miss it on days you take off. You have found a wonderful balance between work, family and community and your healthy lifestyle and outlook compliment every aspect of your life. You are setting new goals, love the new "you" that has been discovered and your positive changes have been noticed and inspirational to others.
  • Zealously Committed - Your standards for healthy living are very high. Strict rules and guidelines regulate what you eat or how you exercise. You are willing to sacrifice all aspects of your life to achieve your goals. You do not notice the impact your eating and exercise choices have on others around you. Those that do not jump on board with your level of commitment easily irritate and annoy you. When family or friends suggest you are too committed, you become defensive. You find wonderful comfort and control in your life from the food and exercise routines you embrace.
Do you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions? Right now I would be in the "very committed" category. For years, I was passionately committed to health and exercise goals. At different times, I have been zealously committed and those goals became unhealthy tools in my life. After the birth of each of our children, I continued to work out but mostly just to check the activity off the "to-do" list. Today with active teens that only have a few years left at home, I want time with them to be a bigger priority. I know that in a few years when they are gone there will be plenty of time to return to a passionate level of commitment. For now, I will be happy to remain very committed as I continue with my active lifestyle and enjoy as much time as possible with my family.

What is your level of commitment? Is it at a level that is helping you reach your goals? Could it be a barrier to your success or relationships?

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Passionately committed! Since fat cells produce estrogen which causes my cancer I am more committed than before to lose weight and get back my freedoms. Report
i am human and bounce between two to of them I know i will never reach the zealously committed but feel i am very committed most days but some times i could care less and that is when my Spark friends help i feel this is the place for me right now. Report
It's hard to be consistently very committed, I wish I could find that balance. Report
I'd say I'm a "passionate" on the food but only a "somewhat" on the exercise. To me they're two different challenges. Report
I am somewhat committed. Exercise isn't the problem - I just fall off the wagon committing to my diet. I have ten pounds to lose and I still have ten pounds to lose. The most important part is that although I am a "healthy weight" I know I am carrying too much fat - how do I get the commitment back? Report
I lie somewhere between very committed and passionately committed. This is something I am not willing to give up on...ever. Report
I am passionately commited in drinking water, making healthy choices and staying true to my fitness program as I love me that much to care about how I feel, how I look and living a healthy life in being an example for my chidlren. If it is to be, it has to start with me. Report
I range between Passionately and Zealously...trying to find a balance! Report
Today I feel very committed. I hope I can keep it up and move up to passionately committed Report
The past six years I have fallen from Very Committed to Not Committed. A major life transition. Stress. Age. Now, another life transition. So, I am going back to the future. Start at Not Very Committed but will move up. So far I am 3 days clean--healthy food, limited quantities, and exercise. Wish me luck. Report
Passionately Report
Yep...I see myself somewhat committed, I am working toward the VERY committed. Baby steps. Report
I feel I am passionately committed. I am eating healthy, working out and borrowed a dvd from my daughter, (she and her husband don't think I can do it) but I'll prove them wrong LOL I am very determined to get to my goal weight which is varying between 135 - 140 lbs. I've 9 lbs to go to be at 140 lbs which was my goal to be at that weight by June 1 (my son is getting married June 15th, and in looking at my daughter's wedding pictures 4 years ago) I swore I was not going to look like that again!! So it's one day at a time and thanks to sparkpeople it keeps me accountable for recording my food, fittness, weight and measurements! Report
I meet the "passionately committed" criteria but am only seeing "very committed" results. I am still battling with my hypothyriodism and cannot seem to increase my metabolism to the level I am working at...but, I am still putting in the effort and I am still seeing results (slow, but still happening!). Report
While I meet all the qualifications for "very committed" I'm not really seeing the changes in my body that I would hope to see. I'm not sure why this is. I eat extremely healthy meals....just maybe too much food intake is derailing me. Report
Mentally more committed than in actuality. I go on binges way too often. I am working very hard to stick to eating out less often. I love to cook but my friends and I seem to socialize by eating out. Not at all necessary! Report
I am very committed right now but I have been very committed before and then life happens and I become not very committed or only somewhat committed. I want this time to be the LAST time and I want to become passionately committed. Unfortunately my work and home life get in the way at times so I never seem to get over to that level. But I am working on it every day! Small steps..... Report
right now: somewhat committed
working towards: very committed Report
I'm very committed to my exercise routines and very rarely miss a workout. My diet needs improvement! Report
Somewhere between somewhat committed and very committed ... but I believe I'm moving in the right direction (towards very committed) :) Report
I'd have to say somewhat committed right now. There are other things in life that demand my attention, which sometimes take away from full commitment to diet and exercise. Trying to keep a balanced life. Report
I'm like DMSGLASS. I was looking for a category called something like "Middling Committed!" I really need to move to get past this to the "Very Committed" if I'm going to make any more progress, I think. I'm at SO much better weight and level of fitness than I've been in years, but I need to improve still more. Report
I need to become more committed. I fall off the track way too often. Thank you for the article. Report
I see myself as passionately committed, but others may see me as zealous. I think I would reach zealous if I never allowed myself occasional treats, and that's NOT going to happen. Report
A good article for reflection... unfortuately I need to rev up my passion. I'm having a tough time getting on track. Report
I am between somewhat committed and very committed. We eat healthy, balanced meals, lots of local produce and free range chickens or grass fed beef when I prepare meats. It's the exercise commitment that I need to work on. I'm good about walking our dogs most every night, but need to add other types of cardio. I started back doing strength training this morning - a good way to start my day. the weather is warming up so I've been out on my bike twice this week. Slow and steady weight loss is what I'm working on - I have a trip to India the end of June and want the plane ride to be more comfortable. Also, I'll be able to handle the heat better if I weigh less. Report
Defiantly very committed. Slow and steady is working pretty well for me at the moment. :) Report
I'm somewhere between very committed and passionately committed. I've reached my first major goal - I still have actual weight goals up ahead though they aren't very far away. I have lots of new good habits - but there are still some actions I take that are healthy - but they're not automatic. I will never be a zealot .. not about anything. Report
This time around, I'm calling myself very committed. I have a completely different expectation and a completely different level of knowledge. However, the part I am most passionate about is nutrition, leaving room for improvement when it comes to exercise. My biggest problem area is my waistline and though, I have lost a good amount of weight, my waistline does not seem to be shrinking. I keep telling myself that if I exercise more, it will help in that area. I just can't seem to find the time and motivation. I know it's important, but when I have time, something else always seems to take precedence. If anyone has advice, feel free to inbox me:) Report
I am working my way out of somewhat committed, but it really is tougher than I thought it would be. Report
I am passionatly commited, now! More so than when I first started! I have reached my weight goal & I am finding new goals, everyday to make sure I maintain! Thanks to SparkPeople! Report
I think I'm passionately committed right now! Report
I believe my commitment is more a warning siren going off before the fall off the cliff ahead... Its either do something now or die... Report
I believe my commitment is more a warning siren going off before the fall off the cliff ahead... Its either do something now or die... Report
Very committed as well but still need to improve mainly in my eating. Report
Very committed but there are definitely some barriers that I'm still overcoming. Report
Very committed. I enjoy healthy breadfast and I am mostly mindful of what I am eating. But I also enjoy eating out, typically at restaurants serving traditional local food (S. Indian) - stuff that I won't get to taste at home... Report
I am between very and passionately committed. I have had very good and fast success so now I am even more motivated. I would be in the passionately level except for the fact that my nutrition is not all it should be at this point. Once I am employed that will change though. I can't wait! Report
I am very comitted. However, I still struggle at times. Report
I think I would say overall, very committed. Though I'm probably more in the "Passionately committed" when it comes to exercise, "Very" when it comes to food. I fall off the tracking food wagon much more often than I fall off the exercise wagon. Zumba is practically a religion for me, and on days I can't make it to a class I do something at home to compensate. Report
Somewhere between very and passionately committed. We still rely on prepared foods and pick up take-out about once a week because of busy schedules, but I'm striving to make the best choices I can. Loving having exercise back in my life. Report
Very committed. I have a long way to go. I am attending a weekly weight class at a local medical facility, have a coach, am eating more fruits and vegetables. Lagging on the physical activity, though. 8.2 pound loss in 3 weeks! Report
Passionately committed Report
very committed........love the active life style.........and clean eating. Can't imagine any other life. Report
After 2 1/2 years I'm passionately committed. I really appreciate the author's acknowledgment that our commitments are not a "static" continuum but more of an ebb and tide. I think for me, once I recognized the "continuum" I realized that I had managed to make healthy eating and regular exercise my behaviors rather than a "diet".
So for right now, I'm Passionately Committed. And I'm very happy about that. Report
Passionately committed! Report
I love the balance of this author! -- There really ARE seasons of life and one makes choices during each time period.

I consider myself to be "very committed," especially in terms of exercise. Nevertheless, I seem to still have some significant food issues to deal with as the scale is showing increases instead of decreases during the winter months from year to year. I need to stop the yo-yo and figure out what will work for me for the long haul! Report
I just rate myself as committed. There are ups and downs and ins and outs to this weight loss thing, so I just take it one day at a time. Report
I currently go back and forth from a touch of not very committed to somewhat committed. I have been at the Very committed place before and trying hard to get that back. Report
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