10 Signs You are Getting Healthier Even if the Scale Doesnít Move


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By Beth Donovan, ~INDYGIRL

Sometimes the scale doesnít budge and you wonder if you are getting any healthier on your fitness plan. Well, here are 10 signs that you are!

  1. You feel like taking on something new. Thatís a great sign that you are getting healthier. It shows a heightened energy level and more active mentality. You are obviously ready for new challenges that you werenít ready for before you became fitter.

  2. You notice a new pep in your step. Things are becoming easier for you. Gravity isnít pulling you to the ground as easily, and maybe your mood isnít either. You have some new resilience.

  3. Your clothes are fitting differently. Maybe your clothes are looser; maybe they are tighter over your growing muscles. Whichever way it is, be sure and take note and dress to impress. Wearing the same old stuff from your closet that no longer fits is discouraging. Wearing better fitting clothes, be they from a store or a friend, will always make you feel and look better.

  4. Your medical test scores are improving. My triglycerides, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and thyroid readings have all changed since Iíve lost weight. Even when I plateau for months at a time (frustrating!), those tests tell me Iím going in the right direction medically.

  5. You start taking that one extra step. Usually the saying is to ďGo the extra mile.Ē I say ďGo the extra step.Ē A mile is a long way, but if you even find yourself having the energy to take that extra step, congratulate yourself. You are building on something. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

  6. You look for ways to make otherís lives easier. If you are looking for ways to pay it forward and make otherís lives easier, then your needs are met. Thatís a great sign! According to Maslowís Hierarchy of Needs, the basic needs of a human have to be met in order to even consider outer social relationships, such as kindness and love. In my opinion, if you find yourself doing random acts of kindness, be assured you are blessed and well. I donít think we can afford to forget the connection of mind, body, and spirit as a human whole in wellness.

  7. You feel more positive and energetic. That is a natural by product of getting healthier. The body starts working better and when it does, it releases feel good chemicals in the brain, delivers energy to the cells more efficiently, and you feel better day by day.

  8. Your hair, skin and nails start to look marvelous. As a result of getting the right nutrients into your body, your body will start to look better all over. Not only will you lose/gain weight on a proper nutrition plan, but your hair, skin and nails will start to look lustrous too. Have you ever had someone tell you to take a certain supplement and your nails/hair will grow? Well, they arenít far off. Nutrients are known to feed the hair and nails, even though they are technically dead. They still come from a living hair follicle and a living nail bed. Skin is very much alive and in need of nutrients. After all, look at how much skin you have.

  9. You look forward to your workout time. This is definitely a good sign. Your body is craving movement and the endorphins it brings. Endorphins are feel-good chemicals released in the brain that bust stress during and after exercise. The more you move the more you will crave moving. This will lead to a healthier cardiovascular system, leaner muscles, a brighter mindset, and weight control.

  10. You crave healthier fare. If you are starting to think a fresh banana sounds better than banana chips, you are well on your way. Is your chocolate getting a bit darker these days? Are you choosing food closer to its natural state or cutting out soda and liking it? Good for you! Progress not perfection! Keep changing the little things and the bigger lifestyle change will come.

As you can see, the scale is not the final decision maker as to whether you are getting healthier on your health plan. YOU are. Look for and celebrate the little things that you find new to your life.

What signs tell YOU that you're healthier?

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  • 145
    Very good article! I knew about the muscles growing but some of the other things I never thought of! Thanks for sharing! - 1/9/2018   11:48:15 AM
    Thank you so much needed this article - 1/6/2018   12:55:22 AM
  • 143
    I agree. I've gone through All of these. Can't think of anything else. Funny how you quote Maslow's Hierarchy, Psych 101. But I think there is a spiritual component, for sure. The Body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit they say... - 12/7/2017   12:01:49 AM
    Great article! - 10/17/2017   7:41:51 PM
  • 141
    Positive article. I now rely on my medical tests, self-measurements, and smaller clothes sizes. - 9/18/2017   7:56:43 PM
  • 140
    Thanks for the reminder...I tend to forget sometimes... - 8/5/2017   12:27:39 AM
  • 139
    Good stuff - 3/18/2017   12:09:31 PM
  • 138
    Great! - 3/18/2017   11:12:41 AM
  • 137
    I just love this blog!!! - 5/15/2016   11:13:44 AM
    Glad to be reminded it isn't all about the scales. - 4/17/2016   7:56:38 PM
  • 135
    I really enjoyed this article. Very timely for me! - 2/11/2016   12:41:19 PM
  • 134
    I'm really noticing number 6 a LOT lately. I feel so good and I'm always looking to do small things for others. It's a nice feeling, and I didn't know that the fact I have this sudden urge was related to my recent improved fitness. Really good article, thanks! - 5/6/2015   1:05:55 PM
    Great article. It really puts weight loss/fitness in a new light for me. My weight just won't budge but I feel like a different person.I've gone from a total couch potato to over 3.5 miles a day walking in just a little over a month.Not bad for 63 with 100+ pounds to lose. - 4/23/2015   1:20:21 PM
  • 132
    Great article, thanks IndyGirl! - 3/30/2015   10:01:51 PM
  • 131
    Good list to keep in mind.
    When I sleep well and want to go outside in spite of bad weather I know I am doing well on feeding my body instead of stuffing it.
    - 12/23/2014   6:53:23 AM
  • ACRWJL37
    I am 76, I know from experience weighing too often can be discouraging. I have been on many, many diets. This time I plan on weighing and measuring my waist once a month, as a way of looking for progress. Good luck to everyone, I hope we all do well. - 9/8/2014   10:33:32 AM
  • 129
    thanks for the insight. - 9/3/2014   12:23:06 PM
  • 128
    Thanks Beth! Sometimes I find myself too caught up in what the scale shows! - 5/23/2014   4:14:58 PM
  • 127
    Great article, and exactly what I needed to see . My Clothes are looser, but the scale hasn't moved. - 2/24/2014   3:31:56 AM
  • 126
    Thank you! I was feeling a bit discouraged and this helped me see I AM making the changes that I want to! - 2/22/2014   3:10:08 PM
  • 125
    For me, it's increased energy much like the article says. Something else I've noticed though is that certain muscles are becoming more defined. Even if the scale doesn't move every single week that I weigh in, I know that I didn't have this kind of muscle definition before I started on this path, and that has to be a good thing!

    While my slight acne doesn't seem to be completely clearing up (sis and I think it may be hormonal rather than diet- or environment- or stress-related), my nails aren't as brittle and don't break as easily. Haven't noticed much difference in my hair so we'll see if / how that changes.

    And finally, I look slimmer overall. My clothes are fitting differently (size 14 jeans are starting to hang off me), and my tummy isn't as big as it was even just a month ago. My legs look more toned, my bum has a bit more shape, and my arms are starting to look slimmer. It could just be my imagination...me seeing what I want to see. But I'm guessing at least that my clothes won't lie. So whether or not the scale changes this Wednesday at weigh-in, I know some good things are happening! - 11/18/2013   10:26:18 AM
  • 124
    Thanks - I need to remind myself that there are many signs of good health besides a number on a scale. - 10/26/2013   8:53:48 AM
    I've been doing Leslie Sansone's walking DVDs for about three weeks now and I'm starting to look forward to exercising. I've never felt that way before and it feels great! - 9/20/2013   1:02:58 AM
  • GIGIQUE138
    Now that I've stepped up my work with weights, I've plateaued and have made very little progress on the scale. My clothes are looser and I can see differences, but the scale is still soooo far from where I'd like it to be. I get my Caliper measurements taken once a month--those show large changes and make me feel much better about all my efforts. Sometimes it's a challenge to "remotivate" every day--but it MUST be done! :) - 8/1/2013   2:39:09 PM
    Thank you for your post! I have been a little down about my lack of movement on the scale, but found this very inspirational! I can do it! - 7/30/2013   12:18:30 PM
  • 120
    I hadn't even thought that craving healthier foods is actually a sign that my health is improving! Good to know!
    - 5/26/2013   4:34:26 AM
  • 119
    Very inspirational!! Thanks!! - 5/17/2013   4:39:06 PM
    wittered on about green tea so much apparently my other half just gave me pack for birthday (matches in with my xmas glass t-pot and funnel to strain teas in centre = lovely! Hope green tea helps too, phew! beetroot, green tea, salad dressings changed ++++ one day I shall be a slim pensioner and dare to go to swimming baths! - 5/12/2013   6:09:19 AM
    I needed that!
    Encouragement really helps.
    I am more determined, I am taking just a few extra steps, I am more supple, I am tackling a long-overdue tidying of home stores and really wanting to organise things. Very odd and good. - 4/20/2013   5:58:12 PM
    Need this inspiration-I want more exercise. I am 53 and it is getting harder and harder to loose the weight. - 4/3/2013   8:47:09 AM
    Thanks this is really helpful...gave me a new way of thinking and keeps me motivated - 3/21/2013   1:54:58 PM
    Thanks this is really helpful...gave me a new way of thinking and keeps me motivated - 3/21/2013   1:54:54 PM
  • 113
    Exactly what I needed to read right now. To help matters, a lot of them applied to me! - 3/21/2013   2:36:32 AM
  • 112
    Thanks I needed this article. I was a little down until I realized I've done all these things! Guess I'm doing better than I give myself credit for. :-)
    - 3/10/2013   12:19:51 PM
  • 111
    Sparkpeople is addictive -- I actually enjoy planning what healthy foods I will eat -- I love fresh fruits and vegetables. I am less allured by the snack aisle at the grocery store. Thanks for this article. I am determined!! - 3/7/2013   12:44:53 AM
    I started eating whole foods less than a year ago and my health has never been better. And you're right.. I don't weigh any different, but my waistline is trimmer, my mind is sharper, and I crave nothing but whole, fresh fruits and vegetables.. it's incredible! - 12/6/2011   7:30:22 AM
  • 109
    I am so proud of you Indygirl, you are so amazing and inspirational! I am so glad to be able to call you friend! - 7/28/2011   11:30:49 PM
  • 108
    Great blog, this one should be framed!
    - 5/30/2011   6:29:54 PM
  • 107
    Thank you for an amazing blog.

    I am feeling on top of the world right now and I credit a week of consistent exercise for that...along with healthy eating, of course!

    Many thanks again. - 5/30/2011   3:18:12 PM
  • 106
    Needed this today! Weighed in this morning and the needle didn't budge this week and it has been crawling down for the last month. Granted I am 7 pounds from goal and they say the last is the hardest but I have been so good. Yet I have come a long way since I started on this journey and many of the points you noted apply to me! Thanks for the kick in the pants! - 5/28/2011   8:00:34 AM
  • JADE119
    I know how it feels to look at the scale and see it either move up or not at all...I joined my local gym about 1 month ago. I was going almost everyday! I actually gained 10 lbs and was so discouraged but I didn't give up. I was on the elliptical for 33 mins and then moved on to the gym machines for muscle workouts. I was at the gym for about 2 1/2 hours each visit. Then I joined Sparkpeople about 2 weeks ago and started keeping track of what I ate even more. I marked what I ate, and if it wasn't on the list i tracked what came close to what was on the list. I started drinking more water and cutting down on the pop and coffee. Now I drink green tea! I cut my workouts down to 1 hour or so of cardio on Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun; the weight training to Mon, Wed, Fri and I noticed that so far within the 2 weeks I have lost almost 2 lbs! That is alot to me! I have been feeling more energetic since joining the gym though lol! My pants are fitting alittle better, not so tight, but my blouses are getting tighter around the shoulders and arm lol! I am getting a few sets of new clothes on payday! yay. I am so happy I joined Sparkpeople...it gives me encouragement! - 5/27/2011   5:17:02 PM
  • 104
    well done. I plateaued after losing 130 pounds in about 9 months (not sure why so fast lol)...and then it stopped... weight wise... but I have lost inches..noticed muscles where there weren't any etc... still frustrating as I have 100 pounds to go. I changed my work out etc but I an still "scale" stuck..BUt...I haven't gained.. and my weight is fairly stable.. as my dr said..you didn't get this way overnight..and you lost it quickly..for whatever reason... your body needs it's time to adjust and reprioritize...just don't give up...so..I haven't... BP is down..meds are down..I DO feel better etc..all of those 10 steps apply...so I'll just keep on going..now that I am at my 1997 weight...laffin...I'll be pleased when I hit my 1986 weight... but..just keep on going is my motto!
    - 5/27/2011   4:27:15 PM
  • 103
    we need to remember that we are not numbers, including numbers on a scale! good stuff! - 5/27/2011   3:42:25 PM
    really good to read how other people have success and struggles.never feel that maybe you failed,just think theres always tomorrow.I just lost 65lbs. and i got 65 more to go ,so I am trying to get back on track. - 5/27/2011   1:02:22 PM
  • 101
    Yes it is very frustrating when the scale doesn't move....I have been having that problem. On the plus side I have more energy and I can fit into clothes I couldn't last year.
    Great article - 5/27/2011   12:19:19 PM
  • JOCY57
    Great article! What I need to do is get my butt in gear and get moving. Wether I have a partner in crime or not, I'll just put on the headphones and start walking. - 5/27/2011   10:52:35 AM
  • 99
    This article was great. I have been discourage about gaining 5 lbs. Hoping not to gain anymore, just keeping my gym routine going and hope that it is muscle because I don't see my eating habits changing. - 5/27/2011   9:39:24 AM
    My scale hasn't budged in a while so this was exactly the encouragemnet that I needed. - 5/27/2011   8:13:52 AM
    thanks for the encouragement!! : ) - 5/27/2011   7:00:24 AM
    Wow! I *so* needed this today! I've been walking regularly since February 14th. Not only has the scale not budged, but the waist isn't whittling away as I feel it should! I'm going to keep it up, though. It's sure better than the alternative!!! I always love your posts/articles!!! - 4/30/2011   12:52:28 PM

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