30-Minute Indoor Walking Workout


By: , – Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
9/27/2013 6:00 AM   :  79 comments   :  157,511 Views

You already know some of the amazing benefits of walking: It’s good for your heart, great for your bones and perfect for weight control), but some days the weather outside can be frightful, and the treadmill can be well, less than delightful.

If you are in need of an indoor walking buddy today, join me for this full length, low-impact workout you can follow along with at home! This 30-minute power walk is easy to follow, fun to do, and it doesn’t require much space to move around. Plus, it's appropriate for all fitness levels.

Let’s get walking!

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About the Author

Jessica Smith is co-author of the Thin in 10 Weight Loss Plan (Sunrise River Press, 2012), and a certified wellcoach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Having started her own fitness journey more than 40 pounds ago, Jessica knows how challenging it can be to lose weight (and keep it off). Recently named one of Sharecare's Top 10 Online Influencers, she loves finding and sharing the latest info on weight loss, fitness, and healthy lifestyle habits. The star of several best-selling exercise DVDs, Jessica has over 13 years of experience in the industry, and holds a bachelor's degree in Communications from Fordham University.

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    I loved this workout. I will be back for more. Now I;m ready for pilates stretches. - 5/16/2015   10:05:49 PM
  • 78
    For anyone wondering how to track this- I found this video on Spark and it is very similar: Ok, it's not letting me post the link even though it is a Spark link, but the video is called-
    12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout

    It is only 12 minutes long, but once you log it you can change the time to 30 minutes.

    When I logged this it showed as 228 calories burned. I also wore my Fitbit when I did the workout and it showed 1.29 miles and 235 calories burned. Very close.
    - 5/16/2015   6:43:37 PM
  • 77
    It is a great workout. - 5/11/2015   4:33:56 AM
  • ILENEB88
    Please tell me how to get the workout. I really want to try it but can't find a link
    Thanks - 4/28/2015   9:00:50 AM
    I loved the workout, but when I tried to find it in the cardio section of Spark People, it wasn't there. How many calories did this burn? - 4/25/2015   2:31:36 PM
  • 74
    I've never been able to complete something this intense before so I surprised myself now that I finally have! Great workout for home! - 4/16/2015   3:20:38 PM
  • 73
    This is a perfect exercise, thank you Jessica Smith!!! Been using it during the cold winter days or when you get bored of the treadmill, walking is my thing, Love it !!! - 4/5/2015   7:40:43 AM
  • 72
    I didn't go to the gym today and after mopping the floor and being alone for awhile, I did the workout and feel great! - 3/20/2015   4:54:28 PM
    I have been using the 30 minute power walk for awhile now love it JC - 3/10/2015   5:22:07 PM
  • 70
    Did anyone figure out how to track this exercise? I'm definitely going to try it tomorrow! - 3/5/2015   9:24:27 PM
  • 69
    LOVED this! It was perfect for the icy weather outside today. I don't have a treadmill and this was a GREAT alternative! - 2/24/2015   2:30:53 PM
  • 68
    I like this - great for my small room on a day when weather causes the gym to be close. Just wish I could accurately add it to my fitness tracker - anyone have any ideas on how to do that? - 2/24/2015   2:27:00 PM
  • 67
    I saved it to my favorites. Good to have when snowed in, like today. However, back in the day this kind of workout was called "low impact aerobics" but regardless what we call it, it's very worthwhile. - 2/19/2015   11:10:32 AM
    Just the extra 30 minutes I need to add to my hour at the Gym - 2/18/2015   8:28:15 PM
  • 65
    not if you live in the flat above me ahhhh - 2/18/2015   10:14:42 AM
  • 64
    Did anyone find out how to add it to the tracker? - 2/17/2015   6:57:26 PM
    Wow. Great workout. No gym membership, no fancy equipment. Just moving my body and I'm sweating and my heart is pumping and I feel great. Thanks. - 2/17/2015   5:24:25 PM
  • 62
    Anyone know how to add it to the tracker?? Same as NOLAHORSERIDER...

    My Spark Stats*:
    832 Steps
    100 Calories Burned
    1.1 Miles

    Just found this...
    - 2/17/2015   4:59:09 PM
  • 61
    Terrific! I was feeling bad because I missed my walk! Now I am feeling great! And I tried to smile most of the time! :-) - 2/17/2015   4:52:25 PM
  • 60
    What a great workout video! Does anyone know how to add it to the tracker?? - 2/17/2015   4:07:42 PM
    Jessica Smith is the best!!! I always enjoy her workouts. I never get bored doing them because she makes them fun to do. - 2/17/2015   1:03:39 PM
  • 58
    This was a very intense workout. - 2/7/2015   7:33:23 PM
  • 57
    Looks like a great indoor workout. Will have to try on a snowy day! - 1/7/2015   11:52:47 AM
  • 56
    She is the absolute best person I have ever seen do a workout video! Her personality is amazing! - 12/4/2014   6:28:38 PM
  • 55
    This was a lot of fun! Thanks Jessica, I'll be using this again! - 11/10/2014   2:36:02 PM
    I like her channel, she has so many great workouts for all fitness levels! :) - 11/2/2014   3:04:44 PM
  • 53
    I love Jessica Smith's You tube channel. Her videos are very conversational and informal (live from the living room!). I faithfully check out new ones to see what Peanut is up to and then stay to exercise with Jessica. There's a lot of variety in her videos and nothing intimidating. She offers modifications for most everything she does. - 10/20/2014   11:33:10 AM
  • 52
    This is the best indoor workout ever! I work from home and getting to the gym is rather inconvenient. I seriously just did this and feel like I burned over 500 calories and the space I used was right next to my dining room table to put it in perspective! - 10/12/2014   4:33:52 PM
  • 51
    Going to have to try this video...looks like the dog got tired just watching her...LOL. - 9/25/2014   9:10:16 AM
  • 50
    I have been a fan of Leslie Sansone's videos for years, just been lazy. I found this one and it was great! I wasn't able to complete the whole workout but I will be able to in a week or two. For those of you who can't complete the whole workout don't worry about it. Just do a cool down when you get to the point where you need to stop. You will eventually build up your endurance.

    I have a question though.... If we are trying to track what speed would you track for ? - 9/23/2014   2:20:17 PM
  • 49
    JRUTH43 you just gave me the boost I needed to try this out!!! :-) - 9/17/2014   1:43:59 PM
  • JRUTH43
    I did it! I can't believe I did it! I can't believe I did the WHOLE thing! I felt SO good while doing it! No embarrassment, no getting up and down off the floor, no "I can't keep up". PERFECT!!! I'm sweating, but didn't overdo it. This may be the answer for me! No gym, no embarrassment, not even "I can't do this"! You're all by yourself in your living room, doing what you can do! I impressed MYSELF! - 9/10/2014   12:08:41 PM
  • 47
    This was quite a workout! Can't wait to do it again tomorrow! OMG!! I'm totally sweating to death! LOL Great workout!!! I wish the calories burned was posted someplace! - 9/5/2014   9:49:06 PM
    Why can't all the videos have the calories burned like Sparks People does? - 8/26/2014   4:43:27 PM
  • 45
    Just watched this workout and I'm so doing this as my workout in the morning before church looks like fun... I wish I knew how many calories it burned.. - 6/14/2014   10:34:09 PM
  • LINMAR2004
    Another great workout but why can't these interface with our fitness tracker please???????????? - 4/23/2014   7:25:39 AM
  • 43
    Great workout! - 3/28/2014   3:05:29 PM
  • 42
    this was awesome!! I found it last night and just completed it. Jessica is awesome, this is the second of her video workouts I've followed. This will be great for the next few days while it's snowing (yes - at the end of March! *shakes fist at New England weather*) or too cold to walk outside. Going to check out her YouTube channel for more fun stuff. And her little dog Peanut is so cute! I hope he (she? I forget whether Jessica mentioned) is in more videos! :) Definitely made me giggle when he looked up occasionally and looked at her like she is crazy then just went right back to snooze-ville!! - 3/25/2014   10:44:14 PM
  • 41
    That was awesome! Just what I needed on a windy, snowy March afternoon! Thank you. - 3/17/2014   5:22:59 PM
    Wow! I really enjoyed this one!! - 3/6/2014   9:39:26 PM
    This was great. I also like Leslie Sansone and have been working out to her walk program for years. I like this one as a change. I wish sparks would tell how to track it. - 3/6/2014   12:59:13 PM
  • 38
    Thank you Jessica. I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. I appreciate you! Great workout! - 3/4/2014   10:33:17 PM
  • 37
    It would burn approximately 215 calories for the 33 minute exercise program. Again, it can vary with the amount of weight you're carrying and also the effort put in. - 1/30/2014   4:50:37 AM
  • 36
    How many calories does this burn? - 1/29/2014   11:32:43 AM
    how many calories does this workout burns - 1/23/2014   7:08:43 PM
  • 34
    It's a good workout - but with back/knee issues I had to adapt to just walking most of the time. I did work up a sweat though! - 1/16/2014   1:16:49 PM
    How can I access this workout? I can't seem to find the link?!? - 12/27/2013   2:33:21 PM
  • 32
    I liked this a lot, and it was more of a workout than I expected. I like how it keeps it low impact yet still made me sweat and burn some fat. thanks! - 12/10/2013   7:25:04 PM
    RENEETC1 if you go to Jessica's youtube channel you will find that she has a few 10-min walking workouts on there too. - 11/4/2013   11:21:48 AM
  • 30
    this is totally off topic but i love how her doggy lays there being lazy for the whole video in his various positions. Made me giggle through the video. - 10/23/2013   12:29:48 PM

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