30-Minute Latin Spice Walking Workout


By: , – Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
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Walking workouts are convenient, easy to do, and so great for your health (and your waistline!). But walking indoors can get a little repetitive sometimes, and since my Mom and I both love Zumba, we thought it might be fun to infuse some of the Latin-inspired dance movements into a walking-based workout! So if you're looking for a way to spice up your walking routine, try joining us for this fun, easy to follow, low impact dance walk that's appropriate for all fitness levels.
Working on a carpeted surface? Try this workout barefoot and/or modify some of the twisting-type movements to help protect your knees. 
Come on and dance walk with us! (Be sure to watch this one all the way till the end for a little laugh!)

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About the Author
Jessica Smith is co-author of the Thin in 10 Weight Loss Plan (Sunrise River Press, 2012), and a certified wellcoach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Having started her own fitness journey more than 40 pounds ago, Jessica knows how challenging it can be to lose weight (and keep it off). Recently named one of Sharecare's Top 10 Online Influencers, she loves finding and sharing the latest info on weight loss, fitness, and healthy lifestyle habits. The star of several best-selling exercise DVDs, Jessica has over 13 years of experience in the industry, and holds a bachelor's degree in Communications from Fordham University.

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  • 69
    That's great you work out with your mom. - 3/3/2017   5:44:53 AM
  • 68
    I haven't sweated like this in a LONG while. Love this!!! - 1/9/2017   3:40:44 PM
  • 67
    I love the outtakes and your mom is great! - 11/30/2016   11:01:15 AM
  • 66
    I loved this work out wish there was a way to add it to our tracker.. - 10/27/2016   1:58:15 PM
  • 65
    Walk & dance combo....so much fun! - 8/26/2016   7:44:42 AM
  • 64
    I did the complete work out...wow...it was tough (I'm 62 and out of shape) but it was great! - 6/6/2016   1:25:37 PM
  • 63
    I liked this workout as it is low impact but fun like zumba - 5/21/2016   5:00:12 PM
  • 62
    Love low impact. Still doing Zumba 3x/week but this is a nice break. - 5/19/2016   8:45:38 PM
  • 61
    I' m a Jessica's routines follower, I love the way she works. This one is very funny, but you sweat a lot.... - 5/4/2016   10:01:51 AM
  • 60
    Well, I'm in pain now. Did all 30 minutes! - 5/1/2016   4:12:37 PM
  • 59
    Love it! I did this but did my own version. Jessica motivates me even though I can't do everything in the same way. I make it work for me. - 3/23/2016   8:38:02 AM
  • 58
    Boy, do I agree, CATNKY! If you have knee issues or workout on carpet--be very careful! I already modify to bend my wrist in the opposing direction and to back off the speed to move safely, but I still twisted my knee. I'll need to do more modifications in the future or just substitute a different workout completely. (I'm not sorry the video stopped 20 minutes in & I got an error message, saying come back later--um, no thanks.) - 3/12/2016   3:15:26 PM
  • 57
    If you do this workout, accommodate for bad knees. - 1/2/2016   4:29:59 PM
  • 56
    I made 15 mins this time, going to try it again in a week and see if i can make all 30 - loved it so far even with my -1000 dance skills i was (mostly) able to keep up just got way too tired today -lots of drama today will try again when im well rested. - 1/2/2016   2:11:43 AM
  • 55
    Just did this workout for the first time. I really liked the combination of zumba/dance and walking. I love zumba, but I'm not good at jumping/running moves so I appreciated this hybrid workout! - 12/25/2015   8:37:43 AM
    I am not sure if this link will work, but if it doesn't, you can type in the title in you tube and it will bring up the Jessica Smith video.
    https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=odLHCvtWbPA

    - 12/7/2015   8:41:04 AM
  • 53
    It's a shame this one was not available, sounds good. However, many thanks DBEAU57 for posting an alternative, another good workout. - 11/18/2015   4:23:23 PM
  • 52
    Too bad this looked good - 11/12/2015   6:53:44 AM
  • 51
    WTH? Copyright issues???? Whatever happened to share and share alike?? GREED - 11/11/2015   1:48:24 PM
  • 50
    The Latin Spice Workout was expired, so I did this one instead: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZz6w0teVWM

    Zumba-style workout with music from the 80's. - 11/6/2015   4:16:21 PM
    Yah I got a trademark issue too. Dang I think this would be fun to do. - 10/27/2015   11:39:02 AM
  • 48
    As of today, Oct. 25th, 2015, says it isn't available due to a trademark issue? - 10/25/2015   1:58:35 AM
  • 47
    I wish there was an "add to tracker" button for these workouts. They are so enjoyable, and I am always able to participate, even with bad knees (I make some accommodations). - 10/6/2015   4:46:15 PM
  • 46
    Spark has a "Aerobics, general, low impact (including Walk Away The Pounds)" listing in the fitness tracker. I use that listing when there isn't a "add to fitness" button. I'd use it after doing this.
    Love Jessica Smith videos! - 9/29/2015   7:33:48 AM
  • 45
    I agree with some commenters that ask for the ability to track these. It's frustrating when SP posts a video (even if it's not one of theirs) and leaves us on our own for tracking it, and basically making something up. But to the person who asks "What's the point if I can't track it?" Fitness. Fitness is the point. - 9/26/2015   12:04:32 PM
  • 44
    Love it. Only lasted 10:30 min of it but I am not giving up. Crying cause I couldn't finish it but..not giving up! Would like to add to tracker. - 9/9/2015   4:41:43 PM
  • 43
    Love the Mom and daughter duo! Loved the combinations and that I could do this! - 9/2/2015   1:34:52 PM
  • 42
    If you can't add it to your tracker... what's the point? I was looking for something to do that I could easily add to my tracker... - 8/27/2015   7:53:40 AM
    Loved you included your Mom! Loved the workout! - 3/3/2015   11:34:45 AM
  • 40
    Loved it! But I'm like the rest, would like to know how many calories I burned so I could put it into my fitness tracker. For now, I'm going to add it as Low Impact Aerobics. Looking forward to more videos!
    Have to edit this comment - I have the SPAT and when I went to enter in my fitness manually, the SPAT had already calculated a Run/Walk Event for 30 minutes!! So, I guess if you have the SPAT, you don't have to worry about how many calories burned, it will do it for you. One more reason (beside the price right now) to order your SPAT. - 10/28/2014   5:38:32 PM
  • 39
    Where is the video? - 10/27/2014   11:29:41 PM
  • 38
    Loved it, but couldn't do all of it.. Had to march in place during some of it... Bad knees and really out of shape! Great one though...I've put it in my favs..and will do it again tomorrow! LOVE ZUMBA!!! - 8/13/2014   9:38:51 AM
  • LINMAR2004
    Loved it but can't do it again unless I know calories burned. I earn each one of those buggers! ty - 4/23/2014   7:22:20 AM
  • LINMAR2004
    Is there a way to add this to fitness tracker? How many calories please?
    - 4/23/2014   7:21:20 AM
  • 35
    That was the exact thing I needed today. Thank you! - 3/22/2014   5:56:57 PM
  • 34
    I loved this workout, but I'm disappointed that I can't add it to my fitness tracker. I did use my Fitbit, so will have the calories burned added, but it would be good if every video featured on SP related to fitness could be added to the tracker.... pretty please? - 2/8/2014   5:28:49 AM
    great workout how many miles and calor burn - 2/1/2014   1:49:33 PM
  • 32
    Tried this and I think I did Fair. It will definitely be one that I try again soon!! I am No Good at Dancing, my Body just doesn't move that way, LOL!! But I can do most of her Walking and just Fake the Dance Moves, LOL!! - 11/30/2013   7:25:25 PM
  • 31
    Really enjoyed this! Not too hard so I can't talk myself out of doing it! :) I tracked this as "low impact aerobics" for 32 minutes. - 11/12/2013   1:44:40 PM
  • 30
    The twisty stuff wasn't easy for me, but I liked it! Definately going to try out her other workouts. - 10/15/2013   10:26:07 PM
    Will do that next week with my other exercise. - 10/12/2013   7:22:00 PM
  • 28
    I love it! I might actually be able to do that. - 10/11/2013   10:34:20 PM
    this is FUN! make sure I do this one again ;-) - 10/10/2013   2:20:06 PM
    I actually enjoyed this! I just wish there was an easy way to track it. - 10/10/2013   1:35:46 PM
  • 25
    This is going to be FUNNNN! I like something different and jazzy. Thans for sharing! :) - 10/10/2013   12:19:14 AM
    Loved this video and look forward to seeing your new walking workouts soon! - 10/8/2013   7:49:17 PM
  • 23
    Looks more fun than some of the walking videos I've done. - 10/8/2013   5:27:50 PM
    This looks like fun! I saved it so I can try it sometime. - 10/8/2013   9:04:30 AM
  • 21
    Have done two of Jessica's workouts. Like them & can follow them. i like Jessica & her energy. Love to see Peanut. WAY TO GO , MOM !!!
    So nice to see her supporting her daughter, keeping up & showing we can stay fit at any age. I walk with my mom, too.
    In the dvd's I'd like to have a work harder option during some intervals to get that big boost in between sets.
    Thanks for sharing this with us ! - 10/8/2013   5:19:13 AM
  • 20
    Looks good
    - 10/7/2013   10:53:44 PM

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