16 Winter Workout Clothes & Accessories You Need Right Now


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Updated by Melissa Rudy 11/29/16

The key to comfortable outdoor workouts during the winter months is layering. (Check out our handy layering chart to match the temperature with the appropriate clothing options.) We've done some post-holiday window shopping to discover great winter workout gear to keep you warm, whether you're headed out for a long hike, a run around the park or just want to stay toasty before and after yoga class.

Warm Shirts

The Nike Warm Dri-Fit Pullover (in sizes XS to XL) makes a great base layer for cold-weather workouts. Zip closed to keep your neck warm, then zip open when you start to heat up. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps sweat away from your skin, while thumbholes in the cuffs keep your wrists and hands warm.

Image via Nordstrom.com

The Athleta Dot Mesh Chi Top (in sizes XS to XL) is great as a base layer for outdoor workouts or as a single layer for yoga or other indoor pursuits. Thumbholes in the cuffs keep sleeves in place and the fabric is designed to repel stinkiness.

The Old Navy Go-Dry Performance 1/4-Zip Pullover (in sizes XS to XXL) is great as a base layer if you get a smaller size, or as an insulating layer if you get a larger size and wear it over a tight layering shirt.

Image via OldNavy.com

For a powerfully insulating base layer, the Lands' End Thermaskin Heat Crew is designed to maintain your body heat while keeping sweat away from your skin. The fabric also includes an antimicrobial finish to fight odors.

Image via LandsEnd.com

Insulating Pants

Zella "Live In" Leggings
 (in sizes XS to 3X) are perfect as a base layer for super cold days. Tight at the ankles and made of moisture-wicking fabric, they'll keep you toasty when worn under workout pants. They're also a good choice for yoga, Pilates or barre classes.

Image via Nordstrom.com

The Street to Summit Pant (in sizes XXS to 2X) is great as an outer layer for extra cold days. Designed for hiking, these pants are made of moisture-wicking fabric with tons of stretch. The wide waistband provides plenty of comfort.

For a cheap base layer, you can't beat Old Navy's Compression Leggings (in sizes XS to XXL). These are made with flat seams and no tags to prevent chafing. The super stretchy fabric is also designed to be moisture wicking. The tight fit prevents air from seeping in at the ankles.

Image via OldNavy.com

For the very coldest days, when you need a quality base layer on top and bottom, the Lands' End Thermaskin Heat Pants (in size XS to 3X) will keep you toasty all the way to your ankles. 

Image via LandsEnd.com

Toasty Jackets

The Athleta Downieville Jacket (in sizes XXS to XL) combines the cozy warmth of down with the casual styling of your favorite flannel shirt. It's a perfect outer layer for the coldest days, featuring a full-front, two-way zipper and internal pockets. 

The Zella Reflective Quilted Jacket (in sizes XS to XL) includes thumbholes to help keep your wrists warm, while the high, plush-lined neck keeps cold air out. On very cold days, this would make a great middle layer over a thin long-sleeved shirt and under a heavier jacket or coat.

Image via Nordstrom.com

The Tek Gear Hooded Packable Puffer Jacket (in sizes S to XL) is designed to be lightweight, warm and washable, which makes it perfect for outdoor winter workouts.

Image via Kohls.com

Hot Accessories

With its cozy thermal fleece and stay-put fit, the Radiantactive Outdoor Training and Running Performance Scarf from Mission will quickly become your go-to companion for chilly, early morning runs and hikes.

Image via Mission.com

Made from carbon-infused fleece that retains 20 percent more heat than regular fleece, Mission's Radiantactive Lightweight Running and Training Gloves feature comfortable stretch fabric, a secure silicone grip and conductive fabric on the thumb and forefinger for effortless use of smart devices.

Image via Mission.com

A scarf is a must for cold blustery days, but for working out, the better choice is a Midweight Melange Fleece Gaiter from Lands' End. The gaiter can be bunched up around the neck for warmth without coming loose during activity. It can also be pulled up to cover your nose and cheeks and protect them from the freezing air.

Image via LandsEnd.com

Made from lightweight thermal fleece with four-way stretch, the Radiantactive Outdoor Performance Beanie locks in the warmth even during the coldest stretches of road. The patented wicking technology won't ever wash out.

Image via Mission.com

If you live in a place that gets frequent snow or ice accumulation, consider adding some extra traction to your regular running or walking shoes with Yaktrax. This simple device is designed to slip easily over your shoes and give you extra stability on icy terrain.

Image via Yaktrax.com

What are your must-have winter workout accessories and gear choices?

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    Carbon38 has super cute clothes and good quality. Use my code to get 25% off your order: EDWHITE25 or visit: https:// www.carbon38.com/invite/EDWHITE25 which adds the code automatically! Enjoy it if you are able to use! - 12/8/2017   6:58:32 PM
  • 20
    Yaktrax are on my wish list. - 10/26/2017   2:32:36 AM
    These clothes might be great but half of them only go up to XL. Are they so sure that fat people never exercise or go outside in the winter?
    - 12/18/2016   3:52:51 PM
  • 18
    Some great clothes ideas. - 12/18/2016   6:33:34 AM
  • 17
    Why use the word "cheap" for the pants. I'd use a MUCH NICER, KINDER Word. NOT everyone can afford shirts for 40 ,, 60 dollars. I have talked to many who state time after time that they stay with Sparks because it's FREE. Please when you write use "gentle" words. The info itself was fine. I live in a state that borders Canada and it's ALWAYS amazes me how many here (city) have NO clue how to dress for the extreme weather we get. - 12/17/2016   10:34:34 PM
  • 16
    SP is a site for men and women. Please use a correct title for articles that exclude men.


    Jeff - 3/14/2015   5:43:15 PM
  • 15
    Guess the clothes for guys comes later. In extreme cold I wear a T shirt insulated hooded sweat shirt with a zipper, a coat that seals at the wrist , waist, and with a collar than can be zipped up to just under my eyes. I wear heavy socks, 2 pair of gloves., and take a hand warmer along - 1/11/2015   1:34:49 PM
  • 14
    ok article but where are the men's clothes...? Where are the warm socks...? Need warm socks and gloves. It has been 12 degrees out when I run. - 11/16/2014   9:34:36 PM
  • 13
    I may have to look into that gaiter though. I try to make it work with regular scarves but they move a ton. - 10/2/2014   10:58:55 AM
  • 12
    I do a lot of these just living in Michigan (I walk for transit). Yaktrax are totally worth it, just make sure you take them off before going inside. - 10/2/2014   10:58:05 AM
  • 11
    I wear texting gloves. Otherwise, I'm taking my gloves off if I need to turn volume up/down or skip a song on the iPod. Mine happen to come from Totes, but you can get warm ones in lots of places. These days, with temps in the single digits and lower, I put a layer of silk glove liners under them. I get less finesse with adjusting the iPod, but the temperatures pretty much dictate my apparel these days. - 1/30/2014   10:57:26 AM
  • HILLSLUG98239
    Thank you for using a model with hips and sturdy legs! - 1/28/2014   7:00:52 PM
  • 9
    YakTrax are the best!! After 3 years with regular walking YakTrax, I upgraded to YakTrax Pro for only about $24, and love them. The coils are sturdier and I have a strap over my foot so they are super-secure. Just be careful to remove them indoors! I looked at alternatives but will remain loyal to real YakTrax! I don't drive, so these are invaluable for trekking to bus stops, grocery stores and so on. - 1/25/2014   10:21:44 PM
  • 8
    Thanks!!! I never shopped at the places mentioned because I did not realize they had any sizes beyond extra small, small, and smallest. I never could buy running clothes in the past. These are beautiful and I am going shopping right away. - 1/24/2014   6:28:27 AM
  • 7
    Yaktrax are amazing and an incredibly worthy purchase for anyone dealing with snow.

    My favorite base layer still to date is Eddie Bauer's Accent line. It's extremely warming AND it also feels like it moisturizes my skin because it's so soft and comfortable. - 1/24/2014   12:11:33 AM
    My dog and I are outside every day, and I found these things are necessary: Land's End Thermaskin pants are GREAT, very warm. A good pair of insulated gloves (I found my favorite pair in the MEN'S department at Kohl's), and I also buy all my hoodies in the Men's Dept, they are thicker and warmer than women's. On really cold days, I love my Land's End Squall jacket! - 1/23/2014   11:06:07 PM
  • 5
    You are not dealing with men closing?

    Well I don't see any thing for me in here must look elsewhere! - 1/23/2014   12:04:08 PM
  • 4
    Yaktrax are about $30 but worth every penny!!! - 1/23/2014   11:02:17 AM
  • 3
    I want a beanie with a ponytail hole! - 1/23/2014   10:52:08 AM
  • 2
    Where are the men's clothes. - 1/23/2014   8:51:06 AM
  • 1
    so many fun, warm choices! - 1/23/2014   8:17:23 AM

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