Megan Patrick

Megan Lane Patrick has been a professional writer and editor for the past 16 years, and was a chronic dieter for at least 30. A combination of weight-loss surgery, mindful eating and daily exercise finally allowed her to maintain a weight loss of more than 100 pounds. When she's not lifting weights at the gym, you can find her walking shelter dogs as a volunteer for the SPCA.

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9 Body-Positive Quotes to Boost Your Self-Esteem

No matter how much time you put in at the gym or how thoughtfully you nourish your body, everyone suffers from body-image issues from time to time. When you need a little boost of self-esteem (and who doesn't), here are 9 of our favorite quotes and mantras. (Each quote is a separate image so, if you find one you really like, you can right click it to open in a new window and print it out.) Be sure to "Pin" this page to revisit when you need to be reminded that you're good enough as you are (right now) no matter what!

Posted 4/15/2014  6:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 54 comments   215,917 views

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10 Motivational Twitter Feeds to Follow Today

If you enjoy inspirational and motivational messages in your Twitter stream you probably already follow heavyweights like @Deepak_Chopra, @DrWayneWDyer and @Oprah. But Twitter is full of many lesser-known, but just-as-amazing thinkers, who share inspirational quotes, thoughts, questions and messages every single day. Here are the top 10 motivational Twitter streams you should be following right now:

Posted 4/4/2014  6:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 7 comments   28,333 views

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Fun & Functional Gardening Gear for Spring

Gardening season is almost here. Whether you want to start your first herb garden or expand on the number of veggies you grow this year, now is the time to take stock of your tools and accessories and see what you need. And there's no reason why you have to settle for typical hardware store gear. It's easy these days to find cute gardening tools, hats, stools and more. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Posted 4/3/2014  6:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 22 comments   27,947 views

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Fresh Workout Gear for Spring

As the days grow longer and the air gets warmer, going outside for a little exercise starts to sounds pleasant rather than daunting. Even if spring hasn't quite arrived in your hometown, there's nothing like a little pre-season shopping to get you in the mood to revamp your fitness routine. Here are some of our favorite pieces for the next few months.

Posted 3/26/2014  6:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 19 comments   21,120 views

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Calorie-Free Treats for Your Valentine

Isn't it time we all start to figure out how to celebrate holidays, birthdays, promotions and other special occasions without always focusing on food?

Yes, Valentine's Day only comes around once a year, but if the person you love has been working hard to prioritize healthy eating, why tempt him or her to stray from those goals with an abundance of candy and sweets? Instead, show how much you really love your partner by choosing a gift that isn't bursting with sugar and fat.

Here are 16 creative alternatives to treats that will make your valentine's heart beat a little faster. There's something for everyone in this gift guide!

Posted 2/3/2014  6:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 13 comments   27,243 views

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5 No-Fail Motivational Quotes

Bookmark or "Pin" the graphic below so that the next time you need a little motivation, you'll have 5 great quotes handy. Find even more words of wisdom on our Healthy Inspiration page!

Posted 1/31/2014  6:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 35 comments   51,028 views

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Winter Workout Clothes & Accessories You Need Right Now

The key to comfortable outdoor workouts during the winter months is layering. (Check out our handy layering chart to match the temperature with the appropriate clothing options.) We've done some post-holiday window shopping to discover great winter workout gear to keep you warm whether you're headed out for a long hike, a run around the park or just want to stay toasty before and after yoga class.

Posted 1/23/2014  6:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 16 comments   22,231 views

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Nutrition Tracking: New Recent Foods Tab

If you use the Nutrition Tracker regularly, you probably already know that you can save foods you eat frequently to your "Favorites" list. This makes it much faster to add foods to your tracker every day. But now it's even easier to keep track of what you eat most often.

The new "Recent" tab on the Food Tracker automatically generates a handy list of all the foods you've recently tracked so you can add them in an instant. Since so many people eat the same foods day to day, this is another option for making it easier and faster to track your calories and nutrition.

Posted 1/20/2014  4:00:00 PM By: Megan Patrick : 21 comments   7,330 views

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Essential Weight-Loss Tools

While it's true that all you really need to lose weight are good information and determination, there are plenty of helpful tools that will make the path to health and fitness a little easier and a lot more fun. I've gathered a list of the kinds of things that have helped me in my own weight-loss journey. You'll need different tools at different stages, but these are great when you're just getting started.

Posted 1/9/2014  6:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 18 comments   25,857 views

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Giveaway Closed: Win a SparkPeople Prize Pack

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are:


It's a brand new year and there's no time like the present to get started on your health and fitness goals for 2014! This giveaway is designed to help you do just that with books, DVDs and a T-shirt from SparkPeople to inspire you. There will be three lucky winners this week.

Posted 1/3/2014  9:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 15 comments   7,280 views

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Giveaway Closed: Win a Set of '10 Minute Solution' Workout DVDs

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are:

Now that the holidays are starting to wind down, everybody's thinking about making more time for exercise. But since the weather is only getting colder, an indoor workout is a must. Which brings us to this week's giveaway: an awesome DVD kit featuring fast, effective workouts from 10 Minute Solution. We'll be choosing THREE winners this week!

Posted 12/27/2013  9:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 18 comments   7,034 views

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Giveaway Closed: Win an Organic Travel Beauty Set from Me & The Girls

The winners are:

This giveaway is now closed.

We're choosing three winners for this week's giveaway from Me & The Girls. Their organic beauty products are the perfect way to protect your skin from the harsh winter weather. Don't miss this opportunity to pamper yourself!

Posted 12/20/2013  9:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 9 comments   5,438 views

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Giveaway Closed: Billy Blanks Tae Bo Live DVD Kit

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are:

Have the holiday parties started yet? I've already got a couple of invites and I'm looking forward to celebrating with my friends and family. But I know if I want to have a few extra treats this season, I'll need to make sure to keep up with my normal exercise routine. Even if you don't have time to make it to the gym, you can torch major calories with this week's DVD giveaway from Billy Blanks, which will have THREE winners! 


Posted 12/13/2013  9:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 9 comments   6,428 views

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Giveaway Closed: Win a Luxurious Gym Bag from Live Well 360!

The winner is KAMCCLARY. This giveaway is now closed.

You're probably in full-on holiday shopping mode by now, but don't forget yourself during this busy season. Take a few seconds to enter this week's giveaway from our friends at Live Well 360. One winner will get to choose from their three popular gym bags, which are all amazing and sure to make taking your workout gear with you so much easier!


Posted 12/6/2013  9:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 13 comments   7,668 views

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Giveaway Closed: Win a 4-DVD Set from Mind-Body Expert Jennifer Kries

This giveaway is now closed. The 3 winners are:

Even though we're still full of turkey, we're super excited to announce this week's giveaway from Jennifer Kries, which will have THREE winners. Take a break from your holiday shopping to enter!


Posted 11/29/2013  9:00:00 AM By: Megan Patrick : 7 comments   5,859 views

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