21 Fast-Paced Workout Songs You'll Love


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It's been far too long since I've shared some new music ideas for you to update your workout playlists, but reading the New York Times Well blog recently reminded me just how important music is during exercise. Recapping several studies about music's affects on exercise intensity and perceived exertion, one in particular caught my eye. In a small study, male college students pedaled stationary bicycles while listening to popular music that the researchers secretly either slowed down or sped up at random, without the knowledge of the participants. When the music was faster, they pedaled faster, liked the music better, and elevated their heart rates more, yet perceived their workouts as less intense than they actually were. When the music slowed down, exactly the opposite happened.

We all know that some good booty-shaking tunes can make our workouts more fun, which is why I prefer to go for beat and music tempo over "motivation" factor, like how the song makes me feel or whether the actual lyrics are particularly inspiring.

If you want to boost the intensity of your workouts and make them feel easier at the same time, try update your workout playlist with one of these upbeat workout songs.

Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body

Matchbox Twenty – How Far We've Come

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet

Michael Jackson – Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

The Sounds – Dance with Me

Madonna – Sorry

KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See

Journey – Any Way You Want It

Jimmy Eat World – Pain

Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces

Erasure – A Little Respect

Sean Paul – Temperature

Jennifer Lopez – Let's Get Loud

Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal

Johnny Cash – I've Been Everywhere

OK Go – Here It Goes Again

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

Rihanna – Please Don't Stop the Music

The Offspring – You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

Rancid – Time Bomb

Outkast – Hey Ya

What are your favorite upbeat workout songs? Do you agree that great music can make your workouts feel easier?

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  • 245
    Find activities that you love doing and you'll enjoy exercising. - 4/27/2017   4:25:37 AM
  • SWALSH80
    I like the Rock my Run App. Free (with ads). It has a lot of different types of music and give the beats per minute average of the playlist. It's a good way to try out different songs I never heard before. - 1/1/2017   5:03:11 PM
  • 243
    Sorry not my kind of music at all. I do not really care for some of these artists. The only one I really liked was Johnny Cash. Others I could not get to play at all. maybe it is okay for some but i prefer old rock, old country and gospel, contemporary Christian or Christian rap. Unlike some I cannot ignore the words and concentrate on the beat. - 12/2/2016   9:17:15 PM
  • 242
    Anthem and One Girl Revolution (Battle Remix) by Superchic(k). - 12/2/2016   6:51:16 PM
  • 241
    Salt & Pepa - Push It (oldie but goodies, ALWAYS wants to make me shake it) - 12/2/2016   5:40:52 PM
  • 240
    There are some good suggestions in the comment section. - 12/2/2016   3:13:33 PM
  • 239
    I noticed that, as usual, no Christian music is on here. Skillet and Toby Mac are great fast-paced artists. - 12/2/2016   7:02:15 AM
  • 238
    Uhm.........Bassnectar anyone? Try it, you'll like it.

    And, uh, Knife Party - Bonfire.

    - 9/28/2016   12:47:38 AM
  • 237
    I like this list, especially the songs in the comments so far. I usually play these at the start or near the end of a workout.
    Pendulum - Crush
    Prodigy - Omen
    Project Pitchfork - En Garde
    The Offspring - Staring at the Sun
    The White Strips - Fell in Love with a Girl - 8/27/2016   5:49:42 PM
  • 236
    Pantera- Walk.Cowboys from Hell. I'm Broken. Great high-energy choices - 2/21/2016   11:12:50 PM
    Good list! - 1/29/2016   4:48:26 PM
  • 234
    Disappointed, was hoping to add some to my workout YouTube playlist and the language in some I looked up is not child friendly. - 12/29/2015   5:52:59 PM
  • 233
    I can't stand several things on this list. However, I did find great new to me songs listed in the other comments. That you all for sharing your favorites. Two of my favorites are Moves like Jagger and Move it, Move it. - 11/22/2015   11:30:34 PM
    Everyone has different tastes. What has worked for me is Spotify. Spotify is free (with ads) but you can upgrade. They have workout lists that are already put together for all different types of workouts. I started with the running at 140 bmp playlist. However I did not like a lot of what they chose. I did an internet search of music that averaged 140bmp and created my own playlist on Spotify.
    I have found 3 songs I can't be without, Move by Mercy Me, So long Self by Mercy Me, and People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson.
    It's really all about finding what works for you. - 8/21/2015   11:56:24 AM
    katy perry-california gurls. always gets me pump and gets me motivated - 1/7/2015   10:48:20 AM
    ugh is everyone forgetting tina turner-RESPECT lol
    - 1/7/2015   10:47:34 AM
    The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name is a fast paced fun song to work out to. - 9/24/2014   12:53:43 PM
  • BEIGE50
    I love a'int no stopping us now - 9/15/2014   8:00:42 PM
  • 227
    Dire Straits, Talking Heads, The Police, Grateful Dead, short zippy Elvis Presley, Irish / Scottish jigs, bluegrass. I look for fast songs that I like and either walk to them on the treadmill, jog in place, or dance. I often use Leslie Sansone's steps, but to my music. - 9/15/2014   7:49:55 AM
    Taylor Swift's new single "Shake It Off" ! - 9/7/2014   9:41:54 PM
    The wide variety in music tastes always makes me smile. I couldn't be paid to listen to some of the music on this list while others absolutely love it. I think the comments which add more songs are fun to read as well. - 6/16/2014   11:34:40 AM
  • 224
    anything by Pitbull! anything by Lady Gaga. Right now, the song "counting stars" by One Republic, also makes me walk or run faster. - 5/31/2014   9:06:13 PM
  • MIKEYP_09
    I wish there were more songs to choose from. - 2/20/2014   9:56:52 PM
    I know not everyone would be into this but I love listening to "tough sounding" rap music. It makes me feel so powerful and tough when I'm running! - 1/18/2014   1:23:13 PM
  • 221
    ok I'm weird, but I like "I Like to Move It, Move It" from Madagascar and the extended versio of "Gagnam Style" also. my cable's Music choice has a Eurodance channel and there are some funky fast songs on that! - 9/26/2013   12:03:27 AM
  • 220
    This is an epic playlist! - 9/25/2013   3:57:09 PM
  • 219
    I always love when The Offspring makes the list! My playlist is basically their entire discography, minus the greatest hits album which for whatever reason I can't rip to the computer from the disk. I might just have to buy "Can't Repeat" off iTunes to remedy it's lacking on my iPod. - 7/31/2013   3:53:22 PM
  • 218
    I LOVE Kanye's "Stronger" and Alex Clare's "Too Close". Also, lots of Maroon 5. - 7/5/2013   10:52:58 PM
  • 217
    Johnny Cash "I've Been Everywhere" is good. Anything Johnny Cash is good. - 6/25/2013   12:23:56 AM
  • 216
    Always looking for new (or old) music! It does make things go faster/more motivated! - 6/24/2013   5:33:21 PM
  • 215
    Great music really does help me to keep moving. I will have to try some of these! Thanks - 6/17/2013   4:54:18 AM
  • 214
    Great music really does help me to keep moving. I will have to try some of these! Thanks - 6/17/2013   4:54:16 AM
  • 213
    I am always looking for new music ... to me anyways. - 6/11/2013   3:35:15 PM
  • 212
    Michael Jackson!!!! :) - 6/5/2013   6:39:19 PM
    Moves Like Jagger really helps me especially when I am doing a workout video
    - 5/25/2013   6:42:34 PM
    I totally agree with you. I peronally work better when I have fast phase music. And I enjoy out the workout better. Time just fly!!!!!
    - 5/23/2013   10:54:59 AM
  • 209
    Im listening to Imagine Dragons Night Visions album and I particularly like On Top of the World, Fallen and Working Man when I'm working out. - 5/3/2013   1:53:58 PM
  • 208
    I listen to jango if I work out without a video. - 5/2/2013   5:45:55 PM
  • 207
    The best work-out song ever... Beastie Boys Sabatoge! - 5/2/2013   12:29:20 PM
  • 206
    Donna Summer, "I Feel Love" is always a good one. - 5/2/2013   10:24:58 AM
  • 205
    Well there are some really go christian ones to, but everyone likes different kinds of music? Just lets move it! - 5/2/2013   10:06:34 AM
  • 204
    Some decent songs on there. But where's that country music playlist I'm still waiting for?
    - 5/2/2013   8:35:08 AM
  • 203
    I love "Town Called Malice" by the Jam and "She Sells Sanctuary" by the Cult.....showing my age huh? - 5/2/2013   8:32:38 AM
  • 202
    Too funny! I just posted this question on Facebook yesterday! Thank you for the great suggestions everyone! - 5/1/2013   11:49:20 AM
  • 201
    I'm with JENTHEBLOGGER on AC/DC making the playlist for good Beats Per Minute selections. (The lyrics sometimes make me cringe, but the melodies and harmonies are what make the songs so good.) I've been incorporating some bhangra/Bollywood music as of late, too Here are some songs that are in regular rotation now:

    Lonely Boy--The Black Keys
    Heavy Mood-- Tilly and the Wall
    Sheila Ki Jawani--Sunidhi Chauhan & Vishal Dadlani
    Black Tongue--Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    When the Lights Go Out-- Oingo Boingo
    Ghosts Are Everywhere--Presidents of the United States of America
    Cry For You--September

    - 5/1/2013   11:13:00 AM
  • 200
    The Japanese girl band Perfume gets me going better than anything else! Especially in the early mornings when i'm still trying to wake up :)
    Electro World and Dream Fighter are two good songs.... - 5/1/2013   10:32:13 AM
  • 199
    I'm showing my age here, but AC/DC always makes my exercise playlist, especially Thunderstruck and Long Way to the Top. Of course, I usually have some Kanye (love Stronger!) and Eminem on there too! In the end, putting music you really enjoy will keep you going and lift your mood as well! - 5/1/2013   10:13:19 AM
  • 198
    Ooh! I love A Little Respect by Erasure! My old ipod crashed (only two months after my computer with my 8,000 songs crashed...), and I had to start all over. I had forgotten about this one, so thank you!

    I have a lot of work out songs, but my absolute "push it" list to get me through a shorter, faster run is:
    -'Till I Collapse by Eminem ft Nate Dogg
    - Only the Horses by Scissor Sisters
    - Captain Jack (Grandale Remix by Captain Jack (this is a Dance Dance Revolution one)
    - U Can't Touch This Remix by Beam vs Cyrus feat. MC Hammer
    - Push It by Salt N Pepa
    - Sweat by Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta
    - Enter Sandman by Metallica
    - Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen
    - You Get What You Give by New Radicals

    And then when I feel like I can't do any more and have to take a walking break and feel like quitting...I play:
    -Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel
    Or I will play Springsteen by Eric Church just because I think it is beautiful, and it puts me in a good mood and a little pep in my step to make me start up again (at a slower pace and then into a faster one).

    - 5/1/2013   9:55:25 AM
  • 197
    Two of the above listed songs are on my cell phone for exercising (Journey and MJ). Gloria Estefan is one of my favorites also: "Get On Your Feet", "Turn The Beat Around", "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"... - 5/1/2013   9:44:34 AM
  • 196
    Not too bad of a list, but I think a person's playlist is personal and has to speak to them. Never been a fan of someone giving me songs to motivate me. But I will use a couple of these songs =) - 5/1/2013   9:21:07 AM

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