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People magazine has just released a new "Half Their Size" issue, and this one is bigger and better than ever. The entire publication is dedicated to weight loss and featured some amazing success stories along with various diet plans, workout plans and healthy recipes for ideas and inspiration.
We are thrilled to announce that a long-time SparkPeople member, Brandy (BBANGEL1214), is featured in the issue. Brandy credits the supportive online Community at SparkPeople as making a big difference in her 177-pound weight loss. Way to go, Brandy!
We recently caught up with Brandy to celebrate her magazine debut. Here's what shared some tips from her journey to losing more than half her weight.

Calories Count
"What worked for me was going back to basics: no gimmicks or fads. Since I had been heavy my whole life I had to figure out how to be healthy by eating right and working out. So I started with just calorie counting. You have to track calories on SparkPeople every day even on your cheat days. I didn't eliminate anything totally from my diet because I knew I could never stick with it if I did. Having 'cheat days' served to keep me sane and so I didn't feel deprived. It also gave me a good reality check of just how many calories are in those splurge foods and how quickly they add up."
Making Fitness Fun
"I found ways to make exercising fun and found classes I loved to help keep me motivated. My first love was Spinning and still is. I also challenged myself to do a 5K and now have done a few—with all the fun runs that our now available no one should be scared to try one! I got married last year and my husband does Brazilian jiu-jitsu so my new obsessions are sparring and fight training."
Getting Started
"One thing I always tell people who are just starting out is that no one in the gym is paying attention to you. We are all in the gym because there is something about ourselves we want to change. So we are too busy comparing ourselves to the person we want to look like and be than to anyone else."
Staying Motivated
"For me it was important to remember that numbers don't define you. It isn't about the number on the scale or the pace time for my run. The goal is to be healthy, to feel better, and to live a life without limiting myself because of my weight."

Brandy (after losing 177 pounds) got to meet SparkGuy in New York a few years ago!

Please join us in congratulating Brandy! Be sure to pick up a copy of People's "Ultimate Diet Guide," which is on newsstands through July 4, 2014.

* Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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  • 39
    Wow!!! What an inspiring story! Way to go!!! Living proof that SparkPeople really works!! - 1/22/2016   10:01:19 AM
  • 38
    That's really neat. It's fun to see what we really would look like at our healthy weight. - 10/25/2015   12:57:04 AM
  • 37
    Way to go, Brandy! - 7/16/2015   5:31:03 AM
  • 36
    Wow! What dedication! - 4/3/2015   12:33:27 AM
  • 35
    What an inspiration!
    Anything is truly possible!
    :-D :-D :-D - 3/10/2015   5:29:14 AM
  • 34
    Wow! You look attractive and you have a glow about you. A picture of fitness and achievement! WTG! - 1/1/2015   10:50:38 PM
  • 33
    F A N T A S T I C!

    Thank You so much for sharing this journey with others.
    This is your time to shine..
    - 1/1/2015   9:30:52 PM
  • 32
    Awesome! Good for you! I wish that I could have been featured in this issue. I have lost 250lbs. :-) - 9/15/2014   10:17:14 PM
  • 31
    Congratulations to you! What an amazing accomplishment. :) - 8/14/2014   1:56:01 PM
    Way to go!! - 7/4/2014   10:55:35 PM
  • 29
    Inspiring. Congratulations. - 7/2/2014   3:28:15 PM
  • 28
    Very good Brandi !! WOOHOOO GAL !!

    You do one thing I ALSO Do (I have gone so far from 288 down to 214 !) and that is to KEEP some of the YUMMY food in so I do NOT feel deprived, and it pays off. You are sooo correct that they Do add up FAST ! So I am finding I love yogurts and at 90 cals, that's a win/win ! no more cravings for lemon pie ! OH YEAH !! By making exchanges I am doing rather well. Also I've seen what a FATTY heart looks like when you eat a lot of chips (Discusting ! And GROSS) so I've cut those right on out !! I can imagine you either limit them a lot or did you also cut them right on out?

    Hey CONGRATTERS !! That's PAWSOME AWESOME as we say on the Spirited Under Dog team ! - 6/27/2014   9:03:29 AM
    Yeah! Congrats! - 6/23/2014   5:11:29 PM
  • 26
    Congrats, Brandy. You look fantastic, and I'm sure you feel, great, as well. You are an inspiration. Good for you. - 6/16/2014   3:53:48 PM
  • 25
    WOW! Way to Go!
    Dietitian Becky - 6/10/2014   5:27:47 PM
  • 24
    Congrats Brandy! You truly are an ispiration. You worked hard for your success, and you deserve it! - 6/9/2014   6:09:36 PM
  • 23
    Awesome job, Brandy!!
    - 6/9/2014   11:51:05 AM
  • 22
    Way to go Brandy! You look amazing, keep smiling bright! - 6/9/2014   8:07:34 AM
    Brandy thank you for sharing your journey. Very inspirational! - 6/7/2014   9:17:33 PM
  • 20
    Congratulations Brandy on getting in a special issue of People Magazine. You have showed us all that it can be done! Many more opportunities to share with others will come your way! Blessings to you!!! - 6/7/2014   6:09:59 PM
  • 19
    Same thing with me April. I can't find it either - 6/7/2014   12:58:31 PM
  • APRIL_V_2
    Can someone tell me the issue # or date of this edition of People Mag? I tried to download it through the newsstand app on my iPad but I don't see this issue listed, but perhaps I am missing it. Thanks! - 6/7/2014   11:20:47 AM
  • 17
    Way to go, Brandy! Thanks for sharing your story. - 6/7/2014   9:37:51 AM
  • 16
    Congratulations on all your accomplishments!!! You are an inspiration!! - 6/7/2014   8:49:40 AM
  • 15
    You were beautiful before but now you are even more so because your determination and strength are so obvious. Congratulations and be proud of yourself. You did it! - 6/7/2014   6:25:50 AM
  • FRANE4653
    Not only do you look amazing BUT you ARE an amazing person inside and out ....I say this because of your obvious determination, strength, and propensity to keep moving forward to reach your goal! Bravo to you Brandy! You are an inspiration 😎 - 6/7/2014   5:41:59 AM
  • 13
    Incredibly uplifting story. Congratulations!! - 6/6/2014   9:50:31 PM
    Congrats!! You are beautiful. - 6/6/2014   3:49:49 PM
  • 11
    What a great story. I'll definitely be picking up a copy. Congratulations on your focus on staying healthy & fit! - 6/6/2014   12:14:13 PM
  • 10
    You look happy, fit and totally in control
    It's amazing what weightloss can do for a person.
    You're admitting to cheat days shows that one way is not the only way.
    I would never resort to cheat days. I had to eliminate those cheat food for the first six months in order to lose my 190 lbs.
    Congratulations. You have a beautiful bright healthy, fit future ahead of you.
    Tisha - 6/6/2014   10:37:35 AM
    Awesome job! Congratulations on all your hard work! - 6/6/2014   10:16:44 AM
  • 8
    Fantastic job, looking good!!! - 6/6/2014   10:12:13 AM
  • 7
    That was a fantastic blog ! Congratulations on losing the weight and regaining your health. And you met the Spark Dude ! Sweet. - 6/6/2014   8:51:42 AM
  • 6
    What a wonderful inspiration you are! Congratulations on your huge success.
    You are what SP is all about. Thanks for sharing your story and tips. - 6/6/2014   8:29:45 AM
  • 5
    You look amazing - 6/6/2014   8:26:50 AM
  • 4
    Wow, you look absolutely stunning! What an inspiration - to think that I thought losing 35 pounds sounded like an ominous task! I'm glad People magazine chose you and your weight-loss journey as a feature story - a great way to "show off" Spark People! - 6/6/2014   7:44:30 AM
    - 6/6/2014   6:52:05 AM
  • 2
    You look great and in the pic of you and Spark Guy, your smile says it all! - 6/6/2014   6:01:17 AM
  • 1
    Congratulations on your weight loss and being featured in a magazine. That is wonderful and by the way, you look amazing! Hugs. - 6/6/2014   4:18:36 AM

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