Pump It Up: 5 Fun Fitness Tracks for Your iPod


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As a fitness instructor, I spend a lot of time listening to music, searching for new (and old) songs I can add to my Spinning classes or listen to while I run. I can't emphasize enough how important music is to my workouts—it really motivates me to get started, and to keep going when I'm feeling tired. So I'm going to share with you some of the newest tunes on my workout playlist. Then I want you to tell me what you're listening to!

Here are five of my new favorite workout songs. Click on each link to listen to a preview (or purchase the mp3) at amazon.com.

The Academy Is…: About a Girl (pop/rock)

Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeling (pop/dance)

Boys Like Girls: The Great Escape (pop/rock)

Lady Gaga: Poker Face (pop/dance)

The Ting Tings: Shut Up and Let Me Go (pop/alternative)

Now it's your turn. What's on your iPod right now?

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  • 193
    My MP3 player has a wide variety of tracks, from 80s pop to rap metal, from Kylie to Metallica. I have a couple of playlists, one for walking and one for cycling, as I perform these activities at different speeds. I find that HM is better suited to my walking speed, while dance music is better for cycling to.

    My cycling playlist has a lot of EuroDance on it - Cascada, Alice Deejay, Lasgo, N-Trance, Prodigy - but I also have the Black Eyed Peas, Metro Station, Rihanna and Lady Gaga on there.

    My walking playlist has Linkin Park, Blink 182, Def Leppard, Guns 'n' Roses, Fall Out Boy, LostProphets and Green Day, to name a few. There's some Kylie and Girls Aloud in there too - basically anything that I can walk at a decent speed to.

    I add to my music all the time - I have a large memory card on my MP3 player, so I don't have to delete very often. I keep my favourites on hand at all times, as music really lifts my mood and motivates me to work harder. Music definitely helps me to work out and I don't do nearly as well without it. - 8/9/2009   7:57:41 PM
  • 192
    Cross Canadian Ragweeds! - 8/9/2009   5:07:55 PM
  • 191
    Here are my top five from my current workout playlist, although I'll probably be making a couple more to keep it fun.

    Next to You - Buck Cherry
    Grace Kelly - Mika
    Love in a Trashcan - The Raveonettes
    The Book I Write - Spoon
    Children of the Revolution - T. Rex
    - 8/9/2009   4:16:46 PM
  • 190
    I love music. Bands like No Doubt, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Reel Big Fish really help me get through a workout. Anything with an upbeat tempo makes cardio machines a bit more doable :) - 8/9/2009   1:59:31 PM
  • SUE6774
    I have a range of music on my Ipod, from country to oldies to newer music. I got some new songs now. I can not wait to put them on and listen. Thanks so much. - 8/9/2009   10:06:14 AM
  • MLAN613
    My iPod has a variety of music, everything from the Beatles to some 80s Tunes, some Christian, and local favorites to who knows. I have an older 2 GB I use for work outs and have created playlists, especially ones for when I run races. - 8/9/2009   8:49:40 AM
  • 187
    Temptations, Steve Wonder, Michael Jackson, Billy Holiday, Kelly Clarkson, I can't of her name but she wrote, "Girl Put Your Record On." That gets the workout party started!! Woohoo All I wanna do is dance dance dance. . . . - 8/8/2009   11:46:07 PM
  • 186
    I have TONS of songs on my ipod but my top 5 favs are:
    1. Stronger by Kayne West
    2. Circus by Britney Spears
    3. Watch me Shine by Joanna Pacitti
    4. One Girl Revoloution by Superchick
    5. Right Round by Flo Rida - 8/8/2009   11:41:21 PM
    I have a range of music on my ipod, it's a bit all over the place, really! Anything from classical, opera, musical theatre, jazz through to pop, rock,dance, r'n'b. My top five workout songs are:-

    1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Wham). Yes, it's totally cheesy, but it puts a huge smile on my face, and makes me walk quickly.

    2. Fighter (Christina Aguilera). Great for staying motivated.

    3. Pump It (Black Eyed Peas). Again, keeps me motivated.

    4. Crazy In Love (Beyonce). Love power walking to this, for some reason.

    5. Chelsea Dagger (The Fratellis). Love jumping around the house to this track. - 8/8/2009   4:15:12 PM
  • 184
    I'm a country girl at heart so my #1 fave end-of-my-work-out-gotta-push-it song has gotta be Hicktown by Jason Aldean. Great beat helps me keep up the pace :o) - 8/8/2009   2:07:28 PM
  • 183
    Pick Up The Pieces - Average White Band

    There I said it. :-) - 8/8/2009   1:55:26 PM
  • 182
    I have everything on my ipod from Ella Fitzgerald, Glen Miller, Louis Armstrong, etc. to 50's and 60's (Beatles, Beach Boys, etc.) to Michael Jackson to Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, Blind Pilot, etc. and country (George Strait, Reba, Brooks & Dunn, Jack Ingram) I usually just use it when I'm working in the garden or on my stationary bike. Just turn it on and hit shuffle :) what can I say, I like a WIDE variety of music. - 8/8/2009   11:14:51 AM
  • 181
    I could fill up my IPOD on all these songs alone!! How much fun it was to read this and the comments that followed. Thank you, everyone who entered. I have so many I can't add them all but one I absolutely love and it was entered just recently is: "When She Drinks Tequila Her Clothes Fall Off"
    The video is even better and everytime you hear the song, you will think of the singer's grandma at the end!! So entertaining to even think of it. Great and up beat, too. - 8/8/2009   11:12:47 AM
  • 180
    Prince - Paisley Park
    NuShoes - Baby I Can't Wait
    Native Deen - M-U-S-L-I-M
    David Bowie - Magic Dance
    Crazy Frog - The Gummy Bear Song
    Crazy Frog - I Like to Move It
    Prince - Pop Life

    That's the playlist I use when I walk. It starts out a little slow for warm-up and then really gets moving. M-U-S-L-I-M has a funny beat, and forces me to really swing my hips to stay with it. Sort of breaks up the walking a little.

    When I started walking, I could only get through three songs. Now, I can get through the whole playlist twice, and still pass the "talking" test! - 8/8/2009   10:06:47 AM
  • 179
    Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits for Warm Up, Stretching
    Days Go By (Mitsubishi Song) - Dirty Vegas - Step Routine
    Riders on The Storm - The Doors - Resistance Bands
    Come Talk to Me - Peter Gabriel - Cool Down, Stretching

    Yanni Live at the Acropolis - 5k on Treadmill

    - 8/8/2009   8:24:11 AM
  • 178
    hmm.... I love this blog bc music is such an awesome motivator :D
    Pump It, I Gotta Feeling, When Love Takes Over, Calabria 2007, Do Your Thing, Infinity 2008, Top of the World, When I Grow Up, and many more - 8/8/2009   1:29:52 AM
  • 177
    I really need an ipod!!! - 8/7/2009   9:50:41 PM
  • FATDAD72
    Any music will do for me as long as it takes my mind off of running. - 8/7/2009   5:56:34 PM
  • 175
    I like to listen to upbeat Christian pop and rock when I'm working out, and podcasts. I have to concentrate on the podcasts so I'm not noticing how many minutes I have left on the treadmill.
    TobyMac has awesome, fun songs, I also love Family Force 5 and Addison Road - 8/7/2009   2:33:00 PM
  • 174
    country and classic rock like: Shania Twain's Not in it for love, Sugarland's Already gone, Bob Seger's Old Time Rock n Roll, Guns N Roses' Sweet Child of Mine. - 8/7/2009   11:48:46 AM
  • 173
    70's Disco hits
    Beethoven, the entire collection
    Katy Perry
    Jason Mraz
    Third Eye Blind
    Fatboy Slim
    George Michael
    - 8/7/2009   11:27:29 AM
  • 172
    One of my favorite songs to listen to is Bite the Hand that feeds you - nine inch nails - 8/7/2009   10:07:24 AM
  • 171
    For those of you who like coffee house, alternative, indie music you might hear on Grey's Anatomy:

    Think I'm in love- Beck
    There is so much more- Brett Dennen
    9 Crimes- Damien Rice
    1259 Lullaby- Bedouin Soundclash
    A Bitter Song- Butterfly Boucher
    Live and Learn- the Cardigans
    You Are my Joy- the Reindeer Section
    Unlike Me- Kate Havnevik
    Swan- Unkle Bob
    Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap

    whole albums of Nickel Creek, Vega 4, Snow Patrol, Scissor Sisters, Joshua Radin, Jaime Cullum, Ingrid Michaelson, Fleetwood Mac... - 8/7/2009   9:23:06 AM
  • 170
    Auuuugh I have been looking for that song EVERYWHERE!!! (Shutup and Let Me Go). THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I love the song "That's Not My Name" by the Ting tings . . . I'm glad I now know they did this song too!!! thank you thank you!! :) - 8/7/2009   9:06:39 AM
  • 169
    I am getting some of these when I get home...thanks for the list!!! Keep them coming... - 8/7/2009   5:04:44 AM
  • 168
    Everyone should download "Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap. I get quite motivated by all the key changes. Also, almost anything by MGMT. - 8/7/2009   12:58:13 AM
  • 167
    Many different things - a couple of favorites are Free to be Me by Francesca Battistelli and Pump It by Black Eyed Peas - 8/6/2009   9:23:24 PM
  • 166
    Top 40 and oldies but goodies set to a fitness disco beat. Also, I stretch to "Proud" (theme song from Biggest Loser) - 8/6/2009   9:23:18 PM
  • 165
    Mama Mia soundtrack
    You are the Sunshine of my Life by Stevie Wonder - 8/6/2009   9:16:44 PM
  • 164
    I need more music in my life! - 8/6/2009   8:29:49 PM
    I have Lady Gaga "The Fame" and Micheal Jackson his greatest hits CD. I usually only workout with their songs playing, they make me go faster, which I love. - 8/6/2009   8:19:20 PM
  • 162
    My MP3 player contains everything from upbeat showtunes to 70's-80's dance tunes. - 8/6/2009   8:11:16 PM
  • 161
    Prince, Madonna, George Micheals, Whitney Houston, Vickie Winans, Missy Elliott, Tramaine Hawkins just to name a few. On my really energetic days Podrunner. The power of motivation. - 8/6/2009   8:09:43 PM
  • 160
    All American Girl -Carrie Underwood
    Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani
    Lose yourself - Eminem
    This ain't a scene, It's an Arms Race-Fall Out Boy
    Circus-Britney Spears
    Crazy in Love-Beyonce
    Girlfriend-Avril Lavigne
    Get the Pary Started-Pink
    Miss Murder-AFI
    My Humps-Black Eyed Peas
    Womanizer-Britney Spears
    Hey Ya!- Outkast
    Crazy B****-Buck Cherry
    Lose My Breath- Destiny's Child
    Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics
    Dance, Dance- Fall out Boy
    Maneater-Nelly Furtado
    I don't wanna be in love- Good Charlotte
    Canned Heat-Jamiroquai
    Here it Goes Again- Ok Go
    What You Waiting For-Gwen Stefani
    Bleed it Out-Linkin Park
    U and Ur Hand-Pink
    Mr Brightside-The Killers
    SexyBack -Justin Timberlake
    Footloose- Kenny Loggins
    Pocketful of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield
    Jump (For my Love)-The Pointer Sisters
    Say it Right -Nelly Furtado
    The Way You Move-Outkast
    Just Dance-Lady Gaga
    Suddenly I see-KT Tunstall - 8/6/2009   6:50:32 PM
  • 159
    Oh I was so hoping "I Gotta Feeling" was on the list. YAY! It is my absolute FAVORITE to work out to, it always gets me going and makes me feel so happy too.
    "Boom Boom Pow" and "Pump It" are good to work out to too! The B.E.P.'s have fast beats and catchy songs!
    Christina Aguilera's Candy Man, Fighter
    Kevin Rudolf's Let It Rock
    Taylor Swift's Love Story
    Flo Rider's Right Round
    (ducking head embarassingly, ahem, Miley Cyrus' See You Again, it's got a really fast beat, lol.)
    Kid Rock's All Summer Long, Cocky, Forever
    Lady Gaga's Love Games
    Kt Tunstall's Suddenly I See - 8/6/2009   5:40:53 PM
    I love Pop & Rock to work out- but sometimes a great classical piece works as well OR BETTER. Plus - an entire work can last pretty long..... Try Carl Orff's Carmina Burana- EPIC! - 8/6/2009   5:17:25 PM
  • 157
    I have a lot of 80's songs and some Salsa & Meringue, some Bachata and a litte bit of Beatles. I like a variety of music, but I'm old school mostly! - 8/6/2009   5:07:34 PM
  • 156
    I enjoy working out to gospel music so my currrent playlist includes some uptempo Isreal Houghten as well as some Fred Hammond. - 8/6/2009   5:00:42 PM
  • 155
    My August playlist:

    Dirty - Christina Aguilera
    Lovegame - Lady Gaga
    Wannabe - Spice Girls a la Zebrahead
    I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) - Pitbull
    You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring
    Ray of Light - Madonna
    Bombs Over Baghdad - Outkast
    Put Your Hands Up for Detroit - Fedde La Grand
    The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
    You Can Do It - Ice Cube
    Murder She Wrote - (No idea who the artist is, but it's off the Save the Last Dance soundtrack)
    Maria, Maria - Carlos Santana ft. The Refugees - 8/6/2009   4:16:30 PM
  • 154
    A lot of reggaeton! - 8/6/2009   4:07:02 PM
  • 153
    Here's my latest.

    Bad Religion - Change of Ideas
    Bombay Vikings - Angel Eyes
    Brother Ali - Forest Whitaker
    Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4
    Cowboy Mouth - Jenny Says
    CSN - Chicago/We Can Change the World
    Danielson - Did I Step on Your Trumpet?
    Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles
    Descendents - Rotting Out
    Dropkick Murphys - The Gauntlet
    Hot Water Music - Trusty Chords
    Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
    Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
    Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone
    Missing Persons - Walking in LA
    Modest Mouse - Float On
    N.I.L.8 - Old McDonald's sXe Dilemma
    NoFx - The Brews
    The Pillows - Ride on Shooting Star
    Queens of the Stone Age - God Is In The Radio
    Rocket From The Crypt - On a Rope
    Steely Dan - Bodhisattva
    The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name - 8/6/2009   2:50:03 PM
    I don't have an I-Pod but if I did, I would have artists like Third Day, Inner Rain, Superchick, Joy Williams and Addison Road to name a few. - 8/6/2009   2:32:35 PM
  • 151
    I have over 50 gigs of music on my iPod. If I had to pick one song that would be my theme song I'd have to go with Eminem's "Lose Yourself"

    Hard to be down when that comes on. - 8/6/2009   1:58:41 PM
    was so glad to see someone else listens to contemporary Christian music! I have too many to list individually! I have lots of Hillsong and Third Day. I use some of the slow songs for cool down, stretching and warm up. - 8/6/2009   1:53:50 PM
  • 149
    Would 'ja believe......I don't have an I-pod or MP3 thingy? I don't even have a functioning CD player except the one in this puter and the speakers stink, they were crummy when they came with my 'new' computer in 1997 and three computers later they actually get a little use because I have a CD and DVD player and burner in this puter.

    SO, where do I start?....suggestions for equipment all welcome...tomorrow is my B'day, so I guess I should enter the 21'st century and get the modern day version of my old Sony Walkman (tape version, no longer functional).

    Rosie - living in the dark ages. - 8/6/2009   1:52:22 PM
    As much as I should be offended by this song as a woman....I sure love a workout to Eminem's "Shake That A**" - 8/6/2009   1:52:15 PM
  • 147
    I likeLinkin park,Breaking Benjamin,Evenescene, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Bon jovi, and of course I've got to have the MJ awesome to work out too, now if I could just do the moves LOL! - 8/6/2009   1:13:07 PM
  • 146
    Anything by Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Genesis, or Bare Naked Ladies. I am a huge Queen and Styx fan, too, so I have lots of inspirational music on my Shuffle by them. - 8/6/2009   1:11:16 PM
    I love underground hip-hop for exercising. Atmosphere keeps me moving. - 8/6/2009   1:07:32 PM
  • 144
    I love my ipod. It's my baby. I have over 10000 songs on it - and on ly ONE of the ones listed! I freaked out. How do I not have #2?? I was amazed. Can't wait to read all the responses and add them to my workout playlist! - 8/6/2009   12:43:20 PM

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