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In need of a little holiday-season inspiration? You're not alone. That's why today we're sharing the 10 most popular blog dailySpark posts from 2011.
Get caught up on the year's top health news, find inspiration to reach your next goal, and learn weight-loss and fitness secrets from our experts and our most successful members… let's count down to the #1 most-read story we wrote this year!

#10 Can People Really Be Addicted to Food?
Do you find it very hard to avoid certain foods, or stop eating once you've started? Maybe you've got a food addiction...

#9 3 Psychology Tricks to Make Your Workout Plan Stick
Have you lost your motivation to work out? Here are three easy ways to get it back!

#8 90 Pounds Down, Jamie Shares 7 Tips for Sticking with Your Workouts
Even five years after shedding 90 pounds, Jamie has days where she lacks motivation. But she never gives up--find out why (and how).

#7 Find Out How Many Calories You Burn After Exercise
Do you really continue burning more calories after your workout, or is it really just during the workout that matters?  A new study might have the answer.

#6 The Weight Loss Key You May Be Missing
Find yourself winded, tired, and unable to tackle your workouts? Having trouble making the scale move in the right direction? Find out if you are missing a key to your success.

#5 $20 Food Showdown: Fast Food vs. Healthy Food
We hit the supermarkets and the drive-thrus with $20 in hand to see what we could buy. Would our dollars stretch further for burgers or broccoli? See for yourself.


#4 Top 10 Abs Training Mistakes
Want flatter abs? Then be sure to avoid these common workout mistakes!

#3 How I Stop a Binge
~INDYGIRL shares her best tips for stopping a binge.

#2 Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes!
Think 10 minutes can't really give you a good workout? Think again! Torch 100 calories (or more) in just 10 minutes with one of these easy workout ideas.

And the #1 Most-Read Blog Post of 2011 is…
The Single Best Exercise for Weight Loss
Often people will ask me to share the best exercises for weight loss. Are you ready to hear what that magic exercise is?

Which of these stories is your favorite? Are there any other blog posts we wrote this year that stood out to you?

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    I love sparkpeople but I am not on here often enough to actually make a commitment to sparkpeople so I miss a quite a few good article so I loved seeing this list I had just right clicked and opened up at least 6 of the 10 article links from this article.Thanks for the links. - 12/13/2011   4:47:39 PM

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