100 Best Workout Songs of 2008: What's Your Favorite?


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The January 2009 issue of Fitness magazine recently named their top 100 workout tunes of 2008. I was so excited to see this list, because I'm always looking for new songs to add to my iPod and use in my classes. Find out if your favorites made the list!

Fitness breaks the 100 songs into five categories, which each include 20 of the best songs for Spinning, running, walking, weight training and even yoga. I have to admit that I hadn't heard most of the songs on this list, but here are the ones that I do like from their list:

Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland 4 Minutes

Estelle ft. Kanye West: American Boy

Britney Spears: Womanizer

Rihanna: Disturbia

Fallout Boy: I Don't Care

Natasha Bedingfield: Pocketful of Sunshine

Coldplay: Viva La Vida

The Killers: Human

To see the full list of 100 songs, click here. You can also check out our newest SparkSounds Playlist: Best Workout Songs of 2008. It includes our staff picks, some of the songs above, plus a few more surprises! And the best part? Listening to SparkSounds is free! (To see all 12 SparkSounds playlists, click here.)

Do you agree with Fitness magazine's list of best workout songs? What is your favorite workout song of 2008?

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    Christian Music only:)
    by artists, Edwin Hawkins, Mary Mary, Jeremy Camp, Third Day, Katinas, Salvador, Joe Pace, Fred Hammond, Tye Tribbett, Richard Smallwood, Mercy Me, CeCe Winans, Donnie Mcclurkin, Kirk Franklin, Kurt Carr, Hezekiah Walker and so on.........:) - 1/24/2009   6:33:03 PM
  • 164
    I don't have one but thanks for the suggestions. - 1/24/2009   6:03:18 PM
  • 163
    Beyonce's "Get me Bodied". That song always gets me pumped up. I danced one night to the whole song and when I was finished I about died. - 1/24/2009   1:57:12 PM
    For working out there is nothing like metal. The louder, darker, and angrier the better. Faceless by SlipKnot has to be the best. - 1/24/2009   1:50:59 PM
    Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend & Best Damn Thing (got played a lot during the body combat and they just super awesome)

    I'm just so hooked to her song now for work out coz her punky attitude really kick hard for me to do better - 1/24/2009   12:49:53 PM
  • 160
    Hey! Anybody out there like to listen to christian rock like Kutless? I love to listen to my local christian radio station while I'm on the treadmill or out walking...not all they play is upbeat enough to push me along, but the inspiration from the lyrics keeps me going! - 1/24/2009   10:23:32 AM
  • 159
    "Hooked on Classics" is my all time favorite. I used to teach an Active Older Adult (over 55) Fitness Class to those tunes about 20 yrs ago. Now that I am in that age group, I still find it quite motivating, entertaining & full of spirit. - 1/24/2009   7:21:34 AM
  • 158
    I love the oldies: Beatles, Elvis, Mary Robbins, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, Steppenwolf, Marvin Gaye, Ben E. King, Ricky Nelson, etc. - 1/24/2009   4:07:24 AM
  • 157
    I find a lot of music using Pandora internet radio. I have several stations under development. Two are dance centered and I use either one of them to exercise with. One is fast paced and best for vigorous dancing, the other is a steady beat thatís good for walking or less intense movements.

    The only downside is lack of control, because itís ďradioĒ you can only skip 6 songs per hour on each station you create, and though you can stop a song from ever playing on your station again you canít control what plays at any given time. But itís free and a lot more expansive than my own personal music collection.

    It really is a great way to find new music because it finds things similar to what you tell it you like.

    Thanks for the article link and for putting those lists together. Itís going to take a while to check those all out.

    Some day Iíll blog my own list of favorites. But itís way late and I wonít be getting my 8 hours againÖ

    Meantime hereís one just for kicks... not for exercising... but... um... to encourage healthy eating?

    Call Any Vegetable by Frank Zappa ;)

    - 1/24/2009   3:18:44 AM
  • SPIKETTE2008
    I like working out to the 80's and 90's - 1/24/2009   12:30:57 AM
    all 50's and some 60's music for me. Twist with Fats anytime. - 1/23/2009   11:47:14 PM
  • 154
    Lots of great songs mentioned here. For some reason the song that really gets me moving is Christina Aguilara's, "Ain't No Other Man". - 1/23/2009   11:42:49 PM
  • 153
    You rickrolled us, haha! - 1/23/2009   10:54:57 PM
  • 152
    I will stick with country. I aso enjoy good gospel. Your country playlist is great.. - 1/23/2009   10:14:08 PM
  • 151
    hot n cold --- kate perry
    love that song it rocks - 1/23/2009   9:51:31 PM
  • 150
    I'll take Ricky Martin, any salsa, Donna Summer, Beach Boys, BTO, Aerosmith, Kiss, Grease soundtrack, Alice Cooper, any oldies... - 1/23/2009   9:39:49 PM
  • 149
    5. Shake Tramp - Marianna's Trench
    4. Piece of Me - Britney Spears (I have NO idea why, but I really like it)
    3. Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder
    2. Let's Go - Sweat
    1. Paralyzer - Finger Eleven - 1/23/2009   8:41:47 PM
  • 148
    I'm at my work at the moment, nothing to do (which is a Good Thing if you work on the ER in a hospital) and I'm listening to the songs on that list and I want to run! haha! - 1/23/2009   8:10:53 PM
  • 147
    I am so glad to see someone else wrote 70s disco....I love the 70s dance music and even some of the Rock for my walking 3 miles....! - 1/23/2009   7:55:16 PM
  • 146
    I like most of the running song's, but they left out Linken Park. - 1/23/2009   7:23:28 PM
  • 145
    "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga is both one of my favorite workout songs and songs in general from 2008. I liked Kanye's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" too (like the original more but that wasn't from 2008). - 1/23/2009   6:53:35 PM
  • 144
    70's Disco - 1/23/2009   6:47:08 PM
    I like All-American Rejects, Gives You Hell. It's awesome. - 1/23/2009   5:42:58 PM
    I work out to Womanizer by Britney Spears - 1/23/2009   5:27:20 PM
  • HDHINES6797
    JANET JACKSON LAST 2 CDS - 1/23/2009   4:48:42 PM
  • 140
    My new favourite is Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings. - 1/23/2009   4:04:42 PM
  • 139
    Oldies, oldies, oldies (that is, anything recorded before 1980) LoL - 1/23/2009   3:39:54 PM
    This is my most recent workout mix ... not 100% 2008, but a lot of it is! This playlist lasts just under an hour.

    Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal (nice for a bit of a warmup)
    The Strokes - Juicebox
    Caramell - Caramell Dansen (high energy and fun as heck, haha :) )
    Melee Beats - Gotta Know
    Kanye West - Stronger
    Spoon - Don't You Evah - Matthew Dear Mix
    Electric Soft Parade - Cold World
    Coldplay - Viva La Vida
    Stiff Little Fingers - Who Died and Made You Elvis?
    LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
    TV on the Radio - Family Tree
    k-os - Born to Run (this one slows down at the end, so it's kind of the signal of starting to slow down a bit)
    Lupe Fiasco - Hello/Goodbye (cool down, whatever)
    Spoon - I Summon You (aaand stretch.)

    I'll skip around as necessary depending on if I need to cut it short or whatever. Or if I don't feel like listening to that mix, I'll just go with Kanye or whatever. Lots of rap and rock here, haha. - 1/23/2009   3:15:36 PM
  • 137
    Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie.. never fails to get my heart rate going! - 1/23/2009   3:13:27 PM
  • 136
    JUST DANCE!!! -by Lady Ga Ga..

    ahh that song gets me all fired up lol - 1/23/2009   2:22:47 PM
  • 135
    the new pussy cat dolls song whatcha think about that (and all their up beat songs) - 1/23/2009   1:33:11 PM
    Give It To Me- Madonna. I defy anyone to not walk or run a little faster while listening to this motivating, upbeat, dance tune. In fact, my iPod is 99% Madonna! - 1/23/2009   1:09:49 PM
  • 133
    techno-industrial, electronica, tribal, rave etc Check out gigi d'agostino! Good, but not repetitive or tooo long, which some techno type stuff can be. - 1/23/2009   12:10:52 PM
  • 132
    Love a lot of the ones mentioned but also like 500 Miles by the Proclaimers, any old Janet Jackson, certain REM tunes, U2 with BB King (When Love Comes to Town) is a great warming up song and an old 80s stand-by Terrence Trent D'Arby. - 1/23/2009   11:41:38 AM
  • 131
    I am a rock girl so nothing on the list.. ac dc elc..i guess disturbed is okay.. my son fav he also like the old rock like mom. - 1/23/2009   11:27:30 AM
  • 130
    Love me some Robbie Williams "Let me Entertain You" gets my blood pumping! - 1/23/2009   10:35:17 AM
  • 129
    Here is my list:

    Shake It - MetroStation
    Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm
    Stronger?? (That which does not kill me....) - Kanye West
    Womanizer - Britney Spears
    Disturbia - Rihanna
    Anything from Limp Bizkit
    Crazy B***h - Buckcherry
    4 Minutes - JT and Madonna
    The Clash
    Horrible 80's pop tunes :) - 1/23/2009   10:20:26 AM
  • 128
    I"ll agree with the Kanye and Womanizer, but what really got me moving this year was Pitbull El Fuego. I had heard it, but then we worked out to it in a zumba class I took. Now I can't help but get up and workout every time I hear it! - 1/23/2009   10:19:56 AM
  • 127
    I"ll agree with the Kanye and Womanizer, but what really got me moving this year was Pitbull El Fuego. I had heard it, but then we worked out to it in a zumba class I took. Now I can't help but get up and workout every time I hear it! - 1/23/2009   10:19:55 AM
  • 126
    My playlist for working out is mostly trance, house, or whatever it's called.
    Deadmau5,Danny Tenaglia,Simian Mobile Disco,Felix da Housecat, the Chemical brothers, Nicola Fasano, also some Kanye west and Santana. - 1/23/2009   10:16:42 AM
  • 125
    I dont really care for any of the ones on that list. I love to listen to my Christian music station it is also very uplifting. - 1/23/2009   10:01:19 AM
  • 124
    How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty - 1/23/2009   9:55:40 AM
  • 123
    I use an electic mix of punk, ska, and military jodies ( the rhymes they chant when running) - seems to get my blood flowing =) - 1/23/2009   9:31:22 AM
  • 122
    "Takin' Care of Business" BTO real workouts need REAL music - 1/23/2009   9:30:33 AM
  • 121
    "Looking for Some Tush" ZZ Top
    "Big 10 Inch" Aerosmith
    "Bringin' It Back" Kansas (1st album) - 1/23/2009   9:28:05 AM
  • 120
    Britney Spear's Circus - 1/23/2009   9:20:43 AM
  • 119
    I have Single Ladies by Beyonce the up tempo keeps me going. I have tons of Fergie as well and lots of hip hop. - 1/23/2009   9:19:37 AM
  • 118
    For hard rock, Disturbed has all sorts of songs about never giving up, you won't take me alive, type of songs. - 1/23/2009   9:16:16 AM
  • 117
    I have Womanizer on my playlist along with AC/DC, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Dwight Yoakam, Miley Cyrus. - 1/23/2009   8:58:49 AM
  • 116
    I like Womanizer, certain songs by the Black Eyes Peas, Sexyback, Shakira-Hips Don't Lie, PInk-So what....the list goes on and on. Thanks for posting this for different music! :o] - 1/23/2009   8:05:49 AM

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