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Stuff We Love: Cardio Dance DVDs from 10 Minute Solution

By , SparkPeople Blogger
As many times as I've received requests to create a cardio dance video, I have to assume that our readers love dance workouts. I do, too, but unfortunately, I'm not very good at creating or leading these types of workouts. I danced throughout my childhood and I still miss it as an adult, so I rely on cardio dance DVDs to get my dancing fix. Sometimes they can be disappointing. Other times they're too advanced. It isn't easy to strike the perfect balance of teaching fun dance moves without going over most people's heads, so I applaud those fitness instructors (or dancers in some cases) who can do it right.

Recently, I received a package from the folks at 10 Minute Solution. They make a wide variety of workout DVDs— toning, cardio, Pilates and more—that each include five 10-minute workouts, allowing you to choose a short workout or a longer one. Their DVDs have impressed me 95% of the time in terms of quality instruction, value, and workout variety. (So far, the only title I've tried that I would not recommend is their Kettlebell Ultimate Fat Burner, but we won't go into that here.)

Two newer releases of theirs impressed me all over again. If you're looking for fun, short cardio dance workouts that you can actually keep up with, look no further.

10-Minute Solution Dance Off Belly Fat! ($13.49

I really like Petra Kolber, the instructor of this DVD. I reviewed her Cardio for Beginners DVD recently and loved it, so I was happy to see another new title from her. She's an excellent instructor who does a perfect job of encouraging you without going overboard with the peppiness. I like her style and she does a great job of breaking down the moves and slowly adding on to them so that you can keep up with the routine. This particular DVD features a different dancing style in each of the five workouts: Latin Flavor Waist Sizzler and Dancer's Silhouette are just a couple of the workout titles. I like that she really moves around the room (as you can see from the preview below). The dance moves in this one have a broad appeal and each workout was markedly different from the next, which kept things fresh and interesting. Intensity-wise, it was not difficult. My heart rate elevated during the workouts (I did all five back-to-back), but it was low to moderate. It'd be better for beginners who need a lighter intensity workout or regular exercisers (such as me) who just want something fun and interesting to try. Here's what my co-worker Rachel, a 30-something mom of two said after she tried it:
"I love the 10-minute format in general. It is so practical for fitting in exercise and for people eager for variety. This DVD offers a fun sample of different dance styles while encouraging good posture and core strength. The first segment "Belly Blaster" (Latin style) was the most enjoyable in my opinion. For people who regularly exercise I consider this a "light" workout that is more about variety than intensity. I would include this DVD in a regular rotation of workouts on days when I need a quick workout or in the middle of the day for an energy boost."

Check out a preview of Petra Kolber in "Dance Off Belly Fat" by playing the video below or clicking here to see it on YouTube.

10-Minute Solution Hip Hop Dance Mix ($9.99

I had high hopes for this DVD. I think "hip hop" style is a lot of fun to watch, but I wondered if the instructor, Kristin Jacobs (a fitness professional and dancer with 20 years under her belt), would be able to teach ME hip hop. I have to say that she really delivered! I loved every workout on this DVD and thought that each one was unique in its own way. I danced my way through the entire DVD without even realizing how quickly the time was going by. I have to say that I felt like I was hot stuff learning these moves, but in reality, I probably looked really nerdy doing them in my living room. Oh well! I had a blast! Like the previous DVD, I didn't think it was a great workout (my heart rate was near the low end of an aerobic range), but it sure was fun. Kristin broke down the moves and slowly added on so that you can keep up with the choreography without getting bored.

Rachel (who loves dance workouts as I do) tried this title, too. Here are her comments:

"This DVD is very fun for 10 minutes or 50 minutes! I really appreciate that the workouts start right away. The dance routines seem like the right level of difficulty for most people. The moves are energetic enough for a moderate workout yet easy enough to 'really dance' after a little practice. Ten minutes of exercise goes by very quickly and I think most people will find themselves dancing for 50 minutes. Kristin Jacobs is fun without being cheesy and I like how she names the moves and lets you know what is coming up."

Check out a preview of Kristin Jacobs in "Hip Hop Dance Mix" by playing the video below or clicking here to see it on YouTube.

Overall, my only complaint about these and other 10 Minute Solution workouts is that the cool down and stretching segment at the end is almost non-existent. Some people will need more time to cool down and everyone should do some more stretches on their own than the instructors in these DVDs lead. If you're looking for a fun dance workout that's easy to follow and of lighter intensity, you'll enjoy these titles.

Do you have a favorite cardio dance DVD? Will you try the 10 Minute Solution dance DVDs?

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These videos look fun and I feel often people will shun them for one reason or another but what they do is complain instead of realizing there is a video out there for everyone! Or a class at the gym, or their own relaxing workout. Of course you aren't going to ask me to go on a run with a marathon runner but maybe to walk the dogs for a little while or a nice jog for a couple of miles. Everyone is different! Report
Is it too much to ask for women/men who look like I do? Almost all of the video's require me to do things my "phisi-cality" just won't permit. i.e. high knee lifts, lots of work on the floor, a pace that is challenging to say the least. I'd love to do more yoga, tai chi maybe or just something that will not cause screams of pain as I atttempt to force my body into a move it hasn't made since my teen years. *counts the decades on her french manicured fingers*.

Just a thought, ok? More ramblings from a girl with a it of energy this morning!

Love to all my SP'ers!
Colleen Report
OMG, these videos look awesome!! Heading to Amazon right now to get one! :) Report
These look like a fun video to do with my girls! They could probably keep up better with the moves! LOL Report
I'm not usually fond of DVDs, but I'd try the Hip Hop one. Looks like fun. I really enjoy my weekly Zumba dance class though! ;D Report
I would love to try one of these videos one day. Report
I own a similar Hip Hop cardio workout, but it's too hard for me to follow--combo of the choreography and my own inabilities; just too difficult for me. Report
They look like a lot of fun! Report
This looks like a lot of fun, but I think I'll stick with my Zumba classes, which are much more fun than dancing alone with this video in front of my TV. Report
Look like lots of fun, but that quick squat bounce down to the floor then back up again I can't do that. And I'm not very coordinated for this either, but I would give it a try I would do the parts I could do. And the parts I couldn't I would just walk it out or do the previous move. Happy working out everyone :o) Report
They look like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing! Report
These look like fun, I love to dance it doesn't feel like exercise, just fun. Report
I would love to have any of them !! they all look great to me !!! Report
Thanks for the review of the workouts. I was considering buying one, the dance belly off, in particular, and now I won't and that's a good thing. I do like Petra however. I also learned a lot from everyone's comments. Thanks. That helped me to decide. Report
I always like the idea of dancing as an aerobic exercise, but I'm not enough of a dancer to be able to watch them show me the moves that I have to mirror. I'd do better if they would turn around so I could see it facing my direction, but I guess that would make a pretty weird DVD - watching someone's back. :) Anyway, I always get frustrated and go back to walking or the elliptical. Report
I've tried hip hop and Latin dance workouts but couldn't hang. I guess I just can't move like that any more. My fave is Bhangra Dance by Sarina Jain. It's from FitTV, low impact and the moves are not difficult. Report
the hip hop looks fun Report
I'd try both of these - they look like fun! I'd definitely do them on my recovery days. The hip-hop video looks a bit challenging for this choreography-impaired person, but I'm willing to look silly in the privacy of my own home :-). I do Zumba and am the despair of my teacher (right from left is a challenge) so I'd LOVE some recommendations for good Zumba videos. I'd love to be able to practice the routines at home. Report
I would love to try the hip hop. It looks like something I could do and I love dancing and I wouldn't need a partner. Report
Thanks for the reviews. I have a couple of other workouts with Petra Kolber, and I love her -- she always puts a smile on my face.

Coach Nicole, I'm dying to know why you wouldn't recommend "Kettlebell Ultimate Fat Burner". I've been thinking about buying that one as a beginner kettlebell workout, since I've heard s\uch good things about kettlebells. Is it because it's not a true kettllebell workout, or is it that someone could hurt themselves? Report
These are both already on my Netflix queue, so I'm happy to hear that they look like fun! I do worry that they might not be challenging enough for me, though--I used to get a great workout from them even for just 10 minutes (I'm not such an experienced exerciser), but I've noticed lately that the 10-Minute Solution titles aren't doing it for me as much as other series (Prevention and The Firm). Report
I love the 10 Minute series -- and I happen to love dance DVDs, too, even tho I'm a horrible dancer. Which is why I enjoy doing it in the privacy of my own home. I already have 1 10 minute Dance DVD -- a a different one.

I find I have a hard time squeezing in dance in addition to ST, yoga or pilates, and running/walking, and that is why I particularly like the 10 minute series. It allows me to just dance for 10 minutes, which may be all the time I have. Report
I might try them. Hard to know how you are going to like something like this without trying. Report
I love dancing. But I don't see myself buying these DVDs. I usually go on youtube to freshen up my dancing moves. I just put on my music and do Ballet, Belly Dance or Hip Hop. I always get my heart rate up in no time by dancing on my own. Report
Thanks for the info regarding both tapes. Petra's is more my speed and I would love to try the Latin dance. However, I found some a few Zumba tapes on YouTube that had some of the same moves. Needless to say, there was a difference. Petra is a little stiff in comparison. Report
Wow, the stream of negativity about dance/dance videos is kind of crazy. Has anyone put on the radio and danced around un-choreographed for 10 minutes? It'll get your heart rate going like mad. I go to Zumba ... and would get dance DVDs if I had the space to do them in! Report
I haven't found a dance video I've liked yet. If I want a dance workout, I go to Zumba class at the gym :) That said, I have liked all of the the other (non-dance) 10 minute solution videos I have tried, so if I ever wanted a home workout dance fix, maybe I need to try these! Report
The Pontani Sisters' Go-Go Robics is my favorite. Report
I watch what I can on On Demand to figure out if I will enjoy working out to it. I learned the hard way, I have about $100 in DVD's I don't use because they either are too hard or just ANNOY me. Renting from the library is a good idea too. Report
I have tried some of the 10 minute Solution videos before. The hip-hop one looks good, but I wonder how easily I can move those moves on carpet... Report
I remember your Kettlebell blog, Nicole, and although I don't 'do' Kettlebell (too advanced) I remember you taking *us* to a gym where you really NEED an instructor/coach teaching the right way, so I am skeptical of a video.

I really LOVE to dance but have never had a video that I danced with. I think I'd like to dance with Petra Kolber teaching, but Kristin Jacobs... no. I love dancing to just about any tunes though and techno (club music) trips my lights FANTASTIC!! hee!! Report
Thank you for reviewing these videos. I have seen them at Walmart but I was reluctant to buy them without knowing anything about them. I will probably buy one or two of them based on your review. Report
I've seen Petra on a FitTV exercise program before, where they switch out instructors for each episode. I really like her, and I think I'd be interested to see more of the "Dance Off Belly Fat" video.
Not sure about the other one. Report
I'm not into dancing, and any workout dvd that has moves that are too "dancy" get the thumbs down from me. I do like the 10 minute Quick Fix Total Cardio Kick. Different company, I know, but I would try the 10 min. Solutions cardio kickboxing if they have one. Report
I do like 10 minute workouts because not only can I sneak them in but I can get my kids with me. I think 3 preteen-young girls would like to do these. I'm gonna check into getting them on Netflix. Report
Hmmm... I think I would rather try to emulate real-sized women (even if they weren't overweight). There is no way that I would be motivated to lose weight when watching those women, it would just make me feel bad...LOL Report
I think I would be disappointed with these, because what is the point of putting in even 10 minutes if it isn't an intense work out? Report
Those clips didn't inspire me to buy the video, but I'm a terrible dancer so that makes me picky :-) I love to rent videos from the library to try them out first. It's a great way to see what you like and what you don't! Report
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